Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter was exhausting this year! Besides having a swelling belly and being tired, Robbie was sick all weekend along with little miss London. I know, every time I post I make mention that our sick infested family is ill again. I have no idea why this season has been a sick one for us, but we tend to catch everything that this sick season has to offer!
So, with Robs laid up in bed, Londs and I tried our best to manage. Saturday evening we decorated Easter eggs Princess style!!! Rob came out to help, but we didn't get pictures just video! Sunday morning I was the camera man and videographer, which does not work well. So I just have a few pictures of the Easter basket unveiling. London was a quick one this year... she was out getting into all the baskets before I could even get the camera ready! It is fun to see her get excited about each holiday and what it has to offer.
It was special to talk with London about what Easter is all about besides all the fun foo foo stuff. It amazes me how much she already knows about the Savior and that she complies to the things I teach her about the spiritual part of life. I appreciate Easter being on the Sabbath day when you take the time to go to church with your family and feel of the spirit that attending church has to offer.
Here we have our photo shoot after church, all dressed up! As you can see, London was not very thrilled with picture taking. I had to post some of the faces and poses she made... she cracks me up!!! Funny girl!
This dress has a special place in London's heart, she had to have it!!!! It was a rare find at TJ Max and every time we would go back in the last month she had to find her dress and try it on! The second time we went back to find it, it was no where to be found... needless to say she cried and cried and said " mom that was my most favorite dress, we should have taken it home last time!" I felt so bad! So, to my amazement we found it the third time just to see if it happened to be there, because she kept talking about her princess dress we didn't get. We found it! The same dress, the only dress and only in her size. She even got posessive when we went into the changing room to try it on again. The lady helping us in the changing room took the dress along with a few others to count them before going into the dressing room, London lost it! She told the lady that it wasn't her dress over and over and started crying. I was taken back by her response (trying not to laugh) I explained that she wasn't taking her dress. I guess she didn't want to loose it again, because she kept asking me... "can we take this dress home this time?!"(sigh) I guess in all, it was meant for this princess!

These are a few flowers and bows I made to coordinate with her Easter dress, I love making my own bows, clippies and accessories. Little girls are so fun to dress up!

Princess, Princess, Princess..... that's what the Easter Bunny brought! Her first Princess watch.
Listening to her Disney Princess books on CD.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Baby Layla's Blessing, Family and a few adventures........

Old news is better than no news, right?! Almost two weeks ago we made our way up to the cold Utah climate for a family gathering, baby Layla's blessing. It was a quick trip, up Friday evening and back Sunday afternoon. It was so worth every moment we had with family. Upon our arrival I came down with a stinky cold, rather a pain all over! I was sick and pregnant, what better shape to travel.. if you know what I mean. It was a great time to all be together for such a wonderful occasion.
We stopped in Mapleton and stayed with the Tuttles. Ty and Tiff are always so awesome to see. Thanks for the warm bed and yummy food! Tiff took Londs for a ride on Spot, which she loved! It was so great to feel the cold, see the beautiful mountains topped with white snow and enjoy fresh air!
Baby Layla's blessing was perfect and such a great time to reflect on the blessings we have been given, family and the restored gospel. It makes me so excited to have this little guy join our family. It is always humbling to see a worthy priesthood hold a small infant in hand and give a name and blessing. What an appealing sight!

Beautiful Baby Layla, dressed all in white.......

The Lueck Clan L to R: Kelli, Ricky, Mama Lueck, David, King Lueck, Robbie, Ash & Todd

The Robster and me!

Londs and her horsey ride.......

London and Grandma Lueck.