Sunday, August 17, 2008


It's official!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Playing with Photography........

One of my biggest passions & ultimate interest these days
is photography. I love looking at all the many blogs & sites concerning photography, the creativity of making art through catching the momment of individuals. I too want to join the world of photo journalism and have begun getting my feet wet. I have a couple who have approched me to take their engagement pictures, this friday. I am sooo thrilled and nervous all at the same time! I have really only taken pictures of my family not others(nail bitting). So many things have fell into my hands these last couple of weeks to push me forward with my love for photography, so I decided to take the leap. These are all so very raw, but here are a couple of pictures I have taken recently. As always we have my little model, miss London and.....

Sydney, our adorable babysitter, Young Women and friend. She was such a great sport & came along for a mini photo shoot.

Just another day playing at the park......

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

BIBLE Stories Make Me Sleepy!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Where has the time gone?!

It is always amazing to me how we experience life in fast mode. Looking back on these last 6 years I think of so many things; the great & awe-inspiring experiences we have had together, the hard challenges that have made us better and stronger and the hopes and dreams we continue to make for our family.

Seriously, no matter what milestones have brought us to this very moment in our lives; juggling a toddler and a newborn, church callings that take chunks of time and work to help us survive. With all that life takes and demands, there is nothing more refreshing than seeing Robbie walk through the door, seeing him makes me so excited still. I feel bad for him, I am a needy wife and I love to have his attention and time. I love my time with him! Robbie is one of the most talented individuals I know. I have said this time and time before, but he is in no doubt so creative, an amazing father and husband & very loyal. I love him more today than I ever thought I could the day we were married. He is my rock, my friend and the perfect person for me! Rob, I Love your guts to pieces!!!

My, how time not only molds you as an individual, it ages you too! This was taken just after Kingston was born. Sadly, but true we hardly have very many pictures of just the two of us.

To another great year working together! Rock On!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Little boys are soooo much fun! I love accessorizing!I have come to find that the best way to add a bit of pizazz with the boys are.... shoes, ties and hair. We don't have alot of hair to work with these days, but the day he has the hair, you can believe it I will find a fun style for my little man.
Robbie and I had fun with him today as we pre-dressed Kings for church. I found this little man suit at Burlington Coat Factory the other week for $3.99, no joke! It needed a few adjustments in the length of the pants and here in Vegas you don't do long sleeves, so I had to shorten the sleeves as well. He will only fit in this for a bit longer so we wanted to make sure we took a pic of him in it. Just like the saying" take a picture it will last longer". HAhahaha I crack myself up!