Monday, October 29, 2007

A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch With Grandpa McNicol

Grandpa and Londs had a blast at the pumpkin patch, London was amazed at all the pumpkin!
It was a hot day out at the Dixon Ranch Pumpkin Patch, we even went out in the later part of the day and it was still blazing! We were hoping to make it up to Apple Hill while we were visiting, but time didn't allow us. Next Year! I miss the Autumn weather and colors as well as all the fun festive things that are at your finger tips. We have pumpkins in a parking lot as our pumpkin patches... it just isn't that appealing or as fun! I was glad Grandpa took the time to take us to the Punpkin Patch:0

We got a little wagon to pull our little pumkin around, it was a bumpy ride!

Dirty Girls have more fun!!!!

Grandpa and Londs by the HUGE hay tractor!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

London at the Sacramento Zoo....
Animals is all London signs about, sings about and talks about! I was so excited to take her to the Zoo I had visited as a child, plus it was a healthy clean Zoo. Las Vegas as I have mentioned in previous posts has a sick Zoo. Everything looks sick or malnourished. This is a huge bummer as I love going to the Zoo learning about the different animals myself and best of all, to watch Lond's get so excited! It was a fun day!

London loved the Flamingo's, she even left from the zoo store with a little Flamingo bubble necklace and Flamingo stuffed animal. She carries it everywhere, you wouldn't know it was a new toy it looked so dirty we have already washed it after two days of carrying it around.

The Kangaroos were having a lazy day.. most of the animals were sleeping or laying around that day. We must have the worst timing when it come to picking a time for the Zoo.
Little Miss Truck driver... she loves to pretend the whole driving thing, even in our own cars.

The Lion.... The Sacramento Zoo is not as huge as I remember it as a child, but it is big enough! It is a perfect child size Zoo. I wish I would have been able to snap a few pictures of the penguins but our camera has not been working well for us. It is a shame, they were so cute they reminded me of the movie"Happy Feet".

Wedding of Lance and Jessica McNicol

Lance & Jessica's wedding was beautiful, from the amazing view of the Ocean cliffs,the enchanting atmosphere and the couple joining a life together!It was such a great time to be with family & to be back in California. We are so excited to welcome another sister in law into the family.. the last one! It was my first time meeting Jessica and she has such a sweet personality! From what I was able to observe, she is the perfect catch and so perfect for my little brother. I respect her for not being a high maintenance girl that wants the riches of the world! She is very down to earth and lives life with simplicity and happiness.We are excited to get to know her more!!She is as much beautiful on the inside as the outside, good pick Lancer!
Londs kept saying look at the princess as we watched the ceremony, but then quickly fell asleep in Dads arms. It was a great time to be together! These are just a few pictures we were able to snap. I know the photographer caught the best ones, can't wait to see them! Enjoy!

* Remember to go to the bottom of the page to pause the music on the left hand side of the player.. it will be more enjoyable to listen to!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's in the air... Babies, Babies, Babies....

It has been a long awaited announcement as we wanted see how long we could wait until we could wait no more to say.. We are having baby #2! We are 14 weeks and growing.. Some of you may already know, but we wanted to tell our siblings before posting the news on the blog as they check it out often. We finally made our way around through phone calls and even a yucky text to spread the news. Now you all know!
We thought we would post it before we head off to Sac town tonight for Lance's wedding this weekend. Who knows who we will see and if people will stare at my little bump and feel uncomfortable to ask the question.. are you??? I am, and It has been so far a better pregnancy than I had with London. I am nausea, but not throwing up 24/7.. Blessings! I am still teaching my classes as before and plan on teaching to the end! I love exercise, I think it has leveled out my endorphins and has kept my energy levels somewhat up to keep up with Londs.
Our expectant date is April 20th, 2008! We are extremely excited as well as London! When we ask is she would like a baby brother or sister she says sista, then brother and then sista. She is a cheeky little one.. she likes to play games with us! We heard the heartbeat the other day when Kelly came over to cut our hair. She had a friend who as a gift rented her a Doppler machine.. whatever you call them to hear the heartbeat. Kelly and I are due within a day or so from each other. Sooo she brought it over for all of us to hear it together. It was fun to see Lond's get all giggly. I will try to post the video, however my hair is in foils and I am exposing my belly... maybe I'll think about it first!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The day at the Lied Museum with cousin Kylie.....

It was a great time to meet up with London's cousin Kylie and have adventures through our local Lied Museum. It is a great hands on Museum that allows the kids to interact with displays upon displays. We spent a good hour and a half with the girls inside with plenty of more to see and do. They say it takes about three and a half hours to go through everything. We were surprised to see that the girls were still going and exploring everyhting they could. They have a supermarket you can shop and play cashier at the register. They have a section for children a year to five years old to keep them entertained with learning machines and props. They have bubbles,acting stage, a music studio to make your music. The list goes on and on with the many things to explore. I think the girls loved the house stuff and climbing in the tunnels more than anything! We then came over to our place and watched London's favorite signing time video "The Zoo train". The girls had pizza and yummies and then still wanted to play more. Once Kylie and Erica left I couldn't get London down for her nap, she was still busy as ever. It was a great day!! Thanks Kylie and Erica for coming to play with us!!


Well, really Londs has had a few trims here and there, but this was her first big cut of a inch and a half taken off. She was so good and just let Kelly (our friend and hair dresser) cut her pretties. It is such a blessing that Londs hair is wavy and curly it makes it easy to do and is so cute on her, I was afraid by cutting it she would loose the curls. The curls bounced back up and she was our curly sue again!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hanging out with Dad in the back of the Truck!!!!

Summerlin Art Festival...
It was a beautiful autumn day to walk around the Festival. A few girlfriends and I took Londs to the Summerlin Art Festival last Saturday and enjoyed the yummy foods you find at these sort of places.We feasted on the yummy Italian ice and kettle corn. London loved all of the different arts and people. She especially loved the kettle corn and walking around like a big girl! She loved the fish at this exhibit, I had to make sure she didn't touch any of them as they were very brakeable. She was good just to look! These are just a few of the artist working on their space on the sidewalk. I wish I woiuld have taken more pictures, there was some amazing work!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


This is my most favorite time of the year!! I love fall, and get so excited for the upcoming events that await family togetherness and traditions. I anticipate the autumn air and the change in the leaves and colors of the sky. It is the greatest time to reflect on the amazing creations our Heavenly Father has given us, including life it's self! There is a peace I feel during this time; it might be the cozy sense of fresh veggie's harvested, oranges are in season and the fresh citrus aroma it leaves on your hands. Possibly it is General Conference around the corner with great enrichment for the soul. I enjoy something baking in the oven and football in the background. The most sweetest pleasure is the beginnings of the crisp air in the morning, the days grow shorter with the sun kissing you with fall warmth and by the end of the day you are again left with a bite of coolness preparing you for the snuggles of your bed and loved ones. This is why I love this time of year!! I thought it would be fun to put a little festive touch to the blog page... let me know your thoughts. Is it too difficult for you to read the writing? Does it damage your eyes with a power or orange? Let me know your fall thoughts!