Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The day at the Lied Museum with cousin Kylie.....

It was a great time to meet up with London's cousin Kylie and have adventures through our local Lied Museum. It is a great hands on Museum that allows the kids to interact with displays upon displays. We spent a good hour and a half with the girls inside with plenty of more to see and do. They say it takes about three and a half hours to go through everything. We were surprised to see that the girls were still going and exploring everyhting they could. They have a supermarket you can shop and play cashier at the register. They have a section for children a year to five years old to keep them entertained with learning machines and props. They have bubbles,acting stage, a music studio to make your music. The list goes on and on with the many things to explore. I think the girls loved the house stuff and climbing in the tunnels more than anything! We then came over to our place and watched London's favorite signing time video "The Zoo train". The girls had pizza and yummies and then still wanted to play more. Once Kylie and Erica left I couldn't get London down for her nap, she was still busy as ever. It was a great day!! Thanks Kylie and Erica for coming to play with us!!



Kingston ***2 Years

Kingston   ***2 Years

London ***5 years

London  ***5 years