Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ragnar Relay Silent Auction

Our relay race is on in 3 WEEKS... Ahhh!

We have an amazing group of women and

one awesome brother in law preparing for this crazy race!

We will be running from the Valley of Fire to

the beautiful Red Rocks just minutes from the busy strip.

The race is 178 miles, ran with a team of 12,

each team member runs 3 legs in all.

this all happens within a 24 hourish period of time.

CRAZY??, some may think this,

Sooo.. in a real quick explanation we want YOU,

yes YOU reading this... to be apart of this awesome race experience.

We are putting on a Silent Auction

to raise money for our team as well as donate to the Ragnar Operation for kids. A great organization that improves the live of children in so many ways.

to read more go to their official site


to be apart of our teams efforts

come visit our Silent Auction going on through this weekend

@ Momma sassy's Blog

There are several items offered even in your area

Actually more than half the group is traveling

from Nor Cal, Sacramento, So. California and even Montana.


the items being auctioned are:


My mom has her Bed & Breakfast located in Mendocino, CA/package

Pedi Ped shoes

Awesome boutique baby baskets



and much more....

so go check it out..... and put your bid in:)

A Cap of Last Week..........

This past week we have had some FIRST'S.

London had her first day of Pre-school.

She loves that mom drops her off and leaves her there..

all by herself!


Dad celebrated his 31st birthday!

Woot, woot!


There were meant to be 3 candles,

but London insisted that he needed another....


Our first Ballerina...