Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Peek Of Our Week.......

I have been busy with a great opportunity to practice my art. A great friend of ours is the Tennis head coach of a well respected High School here in Vegas. He has asked me to attend the tennis matches and take pictures of both the girls & boys Tennis team for the end of the season slide show, that I too will put together for them. It has been a great experience to familiarize myself with my camera. It has also been fun stepping into the world of High School and reminiscing of the good ole times (not that I played Tennis, but other sports and such). Any who, I will post more on my photo blog that I have been withholding for quite sometime now. In due time I will post and allow viewers.

My little bugs hanging out at the Tennis courts, enjoying our beautiful weather.

Decorating was fun with London, a bit longer to do with my little helper.... but so worth seeing her excitement. This is one of my most favorite times of the year; I heart Halloween and fall festive stuff!

Yummy Pumpkin Bread(w/chocolate chips) I love the aroma baking & filling every crevice of my home as well as my tummy. Scrumptious!!!

Conference was a bit challenging to listen to with me, myself & I; and two needy bugs. Rob was still in SD, so needless to say I tried catching all that I could in the 4 sessions. London did a pretty good job listening I have to admit, and I kept her busy with little projects.... such as this one. My sister in-law, Keli (the most amazing crafty gal) has got us loving and doing our own "Glitter Nails". As it proves, London fell asleep in the middle of our little nail project. I didn't mind as it was easier to do her nails without alot of movement on her part. You'd think she was in a salon all relaxed and pampered.

The best part of the day is when they are taking naps... I need just that speck of the day to re-group and keep myself together, and it isn't but maybe 45 mins. of a re-group. Thank Goodness Dad came home yesterday! Yeah!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I Left My Pictures in South Dakota!

I know this sounds a bit funny, but all my pics are in South Dakota with Rob & our Laptop. He won't be home for another week so I will have to post some more of our trip when he gets home. The kids & I returned to the city early to fulfill a photo commitment, so here we are without my honey and the bugs dear daddy. London asks me constantly" When is daddy going to come home?" or when we arrive home from running errands, " Is daddy home yet mom?" Bless her little heart she misses her daddy! ME TOOO!

Just a bit of our Day..... I have the perfect picture of Kingston marking his 5th month... But, it is in South Dakota. Sooo here is an updated photo of our little prince. He brings us so much joy and lights up every time London gives him any attention. Lately she has been singing to him, and he loves it! While we were in SD we were coming back from town and Kings was just sooo upset... Londs started singing him songs and he stopped to listen, once she stopped he started crying again. Soo sweet! I love those moments!

We had our Buddy Tae this afternoon and London posed and said "mom take a picture of me like this!" She was so excited to have Tae come and visit, we read books, sang songs and just worked giggles out of the boys. Once again they are only a week apart, so it is so fun having them together!

Tired of tummy time already?

Poor Tae! He had no idea that he was soo going to be a human teether.... Fun Times!!!