Saturday, May 29, 2010


Kingston's birthday was perfect...
perfect in the sense that is was low key.
I keep telling myself
that I need to post pictures, and I do!(need to post pictures)
I am just in a rut, you know those ruts......., say a home contractor gets in...
he has a home to remodel, his own home
well, he finds that all his time and energy is put into remodeling homes for others, not his own!
This is the predictament I am in,
however..... I am not a contractor, but a photographer
Yes... and
that means I have piles of files of pictures,
waiting to be loved in the blogging world.
Sorry Grandparents, you of all would just love to see them....
Thats another story!
Which brings me back to Kingston and his Birthday -------->
We have a shy one on us..... I like to say bashful, just sounds better.
The whole time we sang to him, he got so embarrassed and looked away, his face blossomed with rose colored checks. (too cute)
Totally the opposite of Loo!
I just can't get enough of this little man...
Awe... he is just a sweetie!
So sweet to London, even though she rarely shares anything with him,
he always shares with her.
I will be holding him, and he will randomly give me kisses (multiple times)
His hugs are nice and tight, he looooves to dance,
play with swords and loves to dress up in his super capes/Batman mask.
He is a stud!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Too fat, Too thin ?!?

A little on the skinny side.....

So really,

is it such a big deal that my children are on the slimmer side of the " weight chart".

This is nothing new,

London has always been "under weight",

and currently still is!

Kingston's 2 year check up brought this annoying .....gasp

of being under weight.

Gee whizz... I get such a talking to.

I swear I feed my children, actually we snack attack all the time!

We maybe eat a little too much sugar than we really should too(oops!)

Take that doctors!

When London was just a wee one, we freaked about her little eating,

the doctors would drill me on what I feed her.... I became a panic, over conscious mother who found myself pleading with my little appetite eater to eat, eat, eat!

My poor mother and mother in-law had to hear me complain.....

I soon realized after an appointment with a cute pediatrician, who we were booked with accidentally in the same office as our pediatrician gave me a peace of mind. She could sense the overwhelming feelings I felt as we discussed London's history, weight, growth etc..

This doctor came to my level and eased my worries with compassion, sensitivity and reality.

She personally shared that her girls(she had three) were under weight, they have always been little things and she would get the same treatment. She related with me and assured me that it was totally fine!

The reality of a child's growth is that they are growing, they are healthy and they are on their own growth chart, moving upward. It is a shame that expectations are forced upon a general chart for a proper growth. Yes, I agree we need to have some kind of idea where a normal child should be healthy..... but have we forgotten that we are each individuals and we are not always going to be "general", or "normal".... whatever normal is... LOL

My point is, I love my bitties plump or skinny!

The funny thing is that Kingston was a whopping 8lbs 4oz. when he was born

and with in 2 months he

weighed 15lbs.... no joking! He was a chunk.... loved it!

Now he is 25% in weight and he has a great little appetite!

I am a happy Mom, with healthy babies....

That's all that matters to me!

Friday, May 14, 2010


School ended for me YESTERDAY!!! I am thrilled within... more than words could describe!
Kingston turned the BIG 2 almost 3 weeks ago. I was in L.A. for the RAgnar relay and brought home a scrumptious cup cake for a birthday wish for my little man. London has been asking and asking when his Real birthday would be..... I guess her definition of a Birthday is a BIG Party celebration. My dinky cupcake was not quite the right touch... hmmmm???
The real truth is that I lOvE PArties and I love Birthdays... so I couldn't let my busy crazy school and running desires take away from a celebration of my sweet boy... even if it is 3 weeks later (Dugh)!
Tomorrow we will finally celebrate his 2 years of bliss in our family! Just a small get together with family.
I love this little squirt, he has so much personality. I just stare and watch his simple actions throughout the day. He is sweet, kissy sweet, with big cuddle hugs throughout the day... I feel his love for me! He is learning so much everyday and they are not always without a lesson from his big sister. On a daily basis, he wears his batman mask and carries a sword (his favorite thing for the moment) His second or maybe his first love is TOOLS, any tool! This boy has an eye for tools and the screwdriver to say the least. He has a gazillion tools, but that is not enough...right?!
( sounds like our Mr.Lueck)
I love having a little boy!
I love our little family!

So in preparation for tomorrow
London and I decided to make some
favor bags for the kids.
We made potato stamps with different super hero signs,
along with a K for Kingston.
We ventured with the idea of super hero's,
not that the party has a theme, just wanted to spice it up a bit.
Like I mention, Kingston wears his batman mask everyday, throughout the day!
I wanted to have a costume party,
but decided to wait a few years, where he could really enjoy... and remember it!
so till tomorrow... we are prepping and getting ready
to Party with our little man!