Monday, September 22, 2008

Back On The Farm........

We love the Farm, South Dakota and Grandma & Grandpa! We took a last minute trip back to the Farm. You can't beat a $29 flight on Allegiant Air-SCORE! What a beautiful time of year to visit and to get out of the desert heat. I tell so many people about the farm and I just can't describe it in words, so this time I hope to capture the feel and vision of the amazing Dakotas on film.

The Wonders & Likes of Visiting the Farm.......

This is the road that I love to run on leaving the house. I love breathing the fresh air and racing the cows.

The corn fields tracing the road way, almost ready for harvest.

Seeing equipment and gadgets set aside for retirement on neighboring farms & wondering the history they once knew.
Watching hard working Farmers at work.
Little girls who make my passion possible by letting me practice with her & our surroundings.
The wide open spaces & autumn colors popping out in the fields and trees.

Plethora of veggies and fruits for canning, jamming and eating fresh from the garden. ( Lond's is helping Grandma with the wild plums for jamming)

Little boys who bring so much joy.

Little girls who play contently and are clean for this very moment.

The dirt that makes a little girl happy to dig in and run freely on. This is what London looks like the moment she walks out the door to play... she plays hard!
The road I run on that leads me back to the farm where my little bugs are waiting with Grandma. The road that takes us to the railroad tracks on the four wheeler that London asks to ride to. But best yet, it is the road that takes you away from the crazy city life and back home for my cute husband. Enjoying moments like these with with his parents , my in-laws & Grandma & Grandpa Lueck! More moments to share, coming soon......

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Yes! it is has come Mr. Lueck, you are finally apart of the thirty club! Hmmm, looks like London stole a few candles on your wish... she knew dad needed some help!(since he's getting old)
London was my ultimate helper today decorating our apartment and making a cake for the birthday boy. Haaaa Ha! We attempted a basketball cake, it turned out more like a pumpkin cake. LOL It was all in the experience! She gets so excited to celebrate birthdays & is counting down the many, many days she has until it is her Birthday! Silly girl!


Today I caught a moment of loves with my little Bugs. After Kingston's nap, London crawled up into his crib to cuddle with him. Sweetness!

Almost sitting on his own.. this little man is all about sitting and standing, NO laying down for him! ( I love him in his little man thermals)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Our little guy is 4 months now & becoming so much fun! I love the little milestones we get to experience over again. He is such a little sweetheart, easy going and the perfect addition to our family!

Another project.... I needed a space for little miss London to hang all of her art and creative pieces.... so we came up with this! Londs helped paint the clothes hangers and hung up all her art work herself! She was pretty excited to have her own place to display her STUFF!