Sunday, May 10, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

To all YOU amazing mothers... including my mother, my step mother & mother in law...
HAPPY MOthers DAy!!!!

I DiD iT!!!!!
I completed my FIRST Sprint Triathlon Yesterday!
The race was exciting and so rewarding!
I have dreamed of competing in a triathlon for so many years and finally did it!
This however is not my last!
From the moment i signed up for the Tri ... those butterflies begun fluttering inside...
throughout my attempted training ( with two kids & MY schedule)
those butterflies continued to rage within me....
and then followed me to the race day!
After entering the water and pushing through the crowd of athletes the butterflies turned into a drive of competition.... I wanted to finish strong & I wanted to finish at my best!
Over all, out of 529 women I finished at 44
For my oldie age group 30-34
I placed 16/115
Not too shabby...
I am happy with my finish time of 1:31:17
NEXT time I hope to shave 10 mins. off my time!
Anyone up for a Triathlon in the next couple of months?????!


Here we have the purple caps off for the .5 mile swim. I am somewhere in the crowd.

Running from the water to my bike.....
Still running, it was quite the jaunt from the lake
Leaving the start of the 10 mile bike ride.......

Coming in to make transition......
I was stoked... they called my name as I came running through the finish line.
I had to do a bit of hoot & hollering!
= A completed Triathlon!!!
My Spectators......
Robbie, London, Kingston, Todd(my bro. in law) & Mark Salter the photographer!
It was such a treat to have my family cheering me on throughout the race and at the finish line!

My proud girl!

My Boys!

My Babes!!!!!
Todd helped with the littles... Thanks Toddy!

Last & final picture before we put the bike in the truck & headed home!