Sunday, February 24, 2008

Singing In The Rain!!!!

Need I say More?! Vegas doesn't get much rain, but when we do get rain, we run outside singing and splashing in the puddles! London loves her little umbrella, she asks everyday if it is raining so she can use it. She is my sweet pea! I don't have an umbrella mainly because it doesn't rain enough to pack and store something so useless and secretly, I love the rain and I love to feel it on my face and skin, so why have an umbrella? London cannot get over why Dad has an umbrella and mom doesn't. As we were walking outside to play in the rain, London says " Mom I need to buy you an umbrella." LOL She is always so thoughtful of others and such a sweetheart!
We love when nature brings sweetness to the earth and makes our typical day full of surprises!

"These are the goods that keep your feet dry while splashing in puddles and they are my most favorite!" (London)

Monday, February 18, 2008


What can I say?! More or less..I am either flooding you with updates or in a dry famine! I cannot seem to keep up with myself these days! This last week has come and gone in a flash! I hope everybody's Valentines Day was splended.
We had a relaxing evening together. Robbie had me on the sweetest little letter clue hunt in the morning, where both London and I ended up at our storage shed where little gifts were waiting for us. He even made us a cute little CD wishing us a Happy Valentines Day and a little song! I cried every letter read! It was perfect and so creative, I could not have asked for anything more! Where he found the time to put it all together is another question.. he had three tests in two days with work and church obligations, wow amazing! He is adored by not only myself, but Londs loves her daddy so much, she calls him our prince. Love it!
Anyhow, with all school assignments, YW demands, teaching obligations and just the craziness of the daily demands all put to the side we were able to spend a day with Jena (a former companion from the mission), her mother and her adorable little Shaelie. Jena stopped into town for the day and we spent sometime shopping, having dinner and taking the girls down to the strip for some entertainment. The Bellagio water show is always exciting and fun. The weather is incrediable here and it was a perfect little evening for water shows, walking through the beautiful gardens and Gelato!!! Thanks for the memories and letting us hang out with you girls!

Valentines Day.. playing with blocks

Lou Lou and her silly self!

Here we are in the glories of motherhood! I think we were all a little tired from the days activities. Shaelie giving us a hang loose sign while London is wondering what is going on! So much fun! Jena is also expecting this July ****YAY****. This is such a fun time in life everyone is having babies, babies, babies and we are doing it together. Go GIRLS!!!!

The Bellagio gardens are decorated for the Chinese New Year!

Little Buddies.....

I love my little girl... I cannot believe how fast she is growing up, and how she has a mind of her own. Yes! You most likely noticed her princess crown in every picture, she is a princess everyday and has to wear her crown everywhere. I don't even notice anymore until someone asks her "if she is a princess for the day." I just smile and laugh inside. She tells me now days "I'm not London"... I'm tinkerbell and you are rose (sleeping beauty) and dad is our prince! Thanks Dad.. it all started with the Disney on Ice show, now she is princess crazy!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


We are breaking into week 30, whew! Ten more weeks of growing, sleepless nights and every blessed thing that comes with the beautiful world of a swollen body. This pregnancy has been great, I really have no complaints besides now! I am getting tired!

I have officially gained 24 pounds (feeling it) with pleanty of weeks ahead to pack more growing baby weight on! I just don't understand how women can keep up with more than one toddler and do it all?! It sure keeps time flying by fast. With that said, both Robbie and I realized we have hardly any pictures of me and this little guy growing. Sunday we did it, we took a few pictures. Don't ask me what I'm wearing, it is something I threw together that felt comfortable and fit! I have a hard time spending money on maternity clothes. You go through so many different stages of sizes and honestly I can't find maternity clothing that fits me right anyway! So why buy maternity clothes? I tend to find clothing on clearance that is a few sizes bigger than I would buy and try to pull it off. Anyhow enough about my clothing saga, on to this post!
Many have asked how the pregnancy is going and if I am getting bigger. I am doing great! I am still teaching my cycle classes and senior class at the gym. I can't give it up yet! I love teaching! Yes, I am getting bigger and still growing! All that matters to me is that this little guy is healthy!
We are still stuck on three names... Boston, Kingston and Phoenix. London seems to have one choosen. She refers to her little brother as did she decide that one? We are still yet in the decission making. Names are just so hard for me. Lets hope in the next couple of weeks we can decide, family members keep on us!

Making memories....

We have had all grandparents come through to visit this year already! We first had Grandpa Lueck, then Grandmama Lueck & Grandma Lueck, and just a few weekends ago Grandpa McNicol and Grandma Judy. We have been so lucky to have them all make special visits... I just don't have pictures of all the visits! Sad, I know!!!
However, I happened to take pictures of this last weekend when Grandma McNicol was here visiting. Mom came into town to attend the Time out for Women that is hosted by Deseret Book. It is said to be a great weekend filled with wonderful speakers, uplifting music and just a time to get out with the ladies. Last min. it was canceled, out of respect of the passing of our dear beloved Prophet Gordon. B. Hinkley.
Mom still came out to spend time with us and I have to say, it was so great having grandma here! London had a little play pal and mom got a break! We had fun going to the movies, shopping,eating out and just spending time together! A good friend of mine got us into the musical "Menopause" at the Hilton, so fun and entertaining! Menopause of course is years away from experiencing for me and most of you, but it is something we cannot run from. It gave me great insight of what we as women have to look foreward to ahhhh..... not really! All and all, it was a fun, busy weekend that went by way too fast!

Grandma and London

Eating some yummy Chocolate Gelato!!!
The three of us!

Visiting the Dolphins/Tigers at the "Secret Garden" of the Mirage

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Hinkley Challenge!!

I have a challege for you! The Hinkley Challenge! Go to and read more about it. Pretty much in a nut shell by taking the challenge, you personally agree to read the Book of Mormon in 97 days. You can track your reading and keep yourself modivated throughout the next few months. This challenge is all in dedication to our dear beloved prophet Gordon B. Hinkley who passed away a week today. Be a warrior and take the challenge!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Potty Training In Glory!!!!

This last week I finally did it! I started London on the potty training program. I started out with some high expectations as she has shown great interest in the potty for several months now. Not only did I start out thinking she would have it down in no time, I started her off on a three day program that was sucessful for her cousin Kylei.
The first day went awesome... I was impressed! The next few days were draining and I started to feel hopeless as the three days passed and still lots of accidents all over the house. I finally realized that this is something she would do in due time and never, ever should you go into a milestone with high expectations!!!
I have to say though that consistancy, love, modivation and all around excitement doesn't hurt! I won't say London is officially potty trained, but yesterday amazed me! Not one accident and she made it to the toliet all day! I think it has clicked!Like I said I won't officially say this is it, because we still have alot of work... but I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished thus far. Things are looking brighter!
I am excited to be diaper free, even if it is only a few months, I will take it! Here are a few busy moments as we endured the homebody week staying at home keeping ourselves busy.

Here we have miss London making peanutbutter playdough....

Don't mind the morning fros or dress attire, we had no place to go! Making raisin oatmeal cookies... mmmmmm yummy!

Painting... kept busy with alot of art and crafts like, finger painting, water painting, coloring and got a jump start on our Valentines! Fun Stuff!

She found these socks in my drawer and felt inclined to sport them for awhile. This look brings back the memories of FAME! Wish they looked that fun on me!

Our Ice Skating Princess! Tinkerbell!! The birthday hat is from her Birthday, she just had to find one and wear it this day!

Putting her boots on to take a breather outside! Notice the laundry in the basket? It felt endless this last week!!!!

Outside, checking on the progress of Dad's project. We are refinishing the dresser and bed (head & footboard) that I grew up in from when I was a two for little miss Lond's. More on that on another post.

What a wimper face! I love her little outfit...she comes up with the most cleaver styles!