Monday, February 18, 2008


What can I say?! More or less..I am either flooding you with updates or in a dry famine! I cannot seem to keep up with myself these days! This last week has come and gone in a flash! I hope everybody's Valentines Day was splended.
We had a relaxing evening together. Robbie had me on the sweetest little letter clue hunt in the morning, where both London and I ended up at our storage shed where little gifts were waiting for us. He even made us a cute little CD wishing us a Happy Valentines Day and a little song! I cried every letter read! It was perfect and so creative, I could not have asked for anything more! Where he found the time to put it all together is another question.. he had three tests in two days with work and church obligations, wow amazing! He is adored by not only myself, but Londs loves her daddy so much, she calls him our prince. Love it!
Anyhow, with all school assignments, YW demands, teaching obligations and just the craziness of the daily demands all put to the side we were able to spend a day with Jena (a former companion from the mission), her mother and her adorable little Shaelie. Jena stopped into town for the day and we spent sometime shopping, having dinner and taking the girls down to the strip for some entertainment. The Bellagio water show is always exciting and fun. The weather is incrediable here and it was a perfect little evening for water shows, walking through the beautiful gardens and Gelato!!! Thanks for the memories and letting us hang out with you girls!

Valentines Day.. playing with blocks

Lou Lou and her silly self!

Here we are in the glories of motherhood! I think we were all a little tired from the days activities. Shaelie giving us a hang loose sign while London is wondering what is going on! So much fun! Jena is also expecting this July ****YAY****. This is such a fun time in life everyone is having babies, babies, babies and we are doing it together. Go GIRLS!!!!

The Bellagio gardens are decorated for the Chinese New Year!

Little Buddies.....

I love my little girl... I cannot believe how fast she is growing up, and how she has a mind of her own. Yes! You most likely noticed her princess crown in every picture, she is a princess everyday and has to wear her crown everywhere. I don't even notice anymore until someone asks her "if she is a princess for the day." I just smile and laugh inside. She tells me now days "I'm not London"... I'm tinkerbell and you are rose (sleeping beauty) and dad is our prince! Thanks Dad.. it all started with the Disney on Ice show, now she is princess crazy!


Janelle said...

How fun that you got to see Jena. Her little girl is adorable, too! When are you coming up to Utah? We'll definatly HAVE to get together this time! Let me know.

CChristianmomma said...

I just had afew friends come into town and i love it! london looks so much bigger. I love your new background , much easier to read! You still look fab, momma!~Corrine Comment on my blog for a change would ya?