Monday, September 25, 2006

CONGRATULATIONS David, Crystal & Kids!!!!
Baby Lueck made her appearance on Sunday morning, 9-24-06 at 4:38am. She weighed 7lbs 5 oz. & 18 in. long. Just a little thing!
Proud big sisters are: Shannon,Cameron,& Autumn. Proud big brother is Ethan.
David and Crystal have not decided on her name yet. We will keep you posted! It is a hard decission to pick the perfect name! Kuddos to you all who have an easy time picking the name.

Little toes and tiny fingers! Too precious!
This is just a quick peek for the grandparents, aunts and uncles that are not close enough to be here. I will keep you updated on the family and baby girl.

Crystal and baby girl!

She's awake!

She wags her little tounge like cousin London...hmmm was she watching London?LOL

Ahhh! Kisses from MOM!

Friday, September 22, 2006


London's hair is really starting to grow. We thought we would try out two little ponytails. They were so cute! We tried getting several pictures but she wouldn't sit still.

London had a party of her own eating her biter biscuit. Biter buscuits are not only messy, they dry hard on everything it touches. I caught a few pictures from the middle of her party. Watch how crazy & messy she gets towards the end of eating. She would giggle and throw her hands up, she would have the biscuit in her mouth and suck it in and out... London thought it was pretty hilarious! She had me laughing pretty hard. Look how proper she looks.........
Here she is sucking the biscuit in and out of her mouth.
London got pretty wild and crazy, her clip was coming out! LOL

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We are so excited to share with you, our first family photos. It has taken us long enough to finally get them! London was really patient while taking our pictures. As you can see in the following pictures London had a blast! It is so fun to look at the pictures, each one has a story to tell.

Robbie's birthday was friday September 8th, we surprised him on Saturday with a party!
It was fun to get together with family and friends! He was surprised but he always seems to have an idea that something might be going down. His brother David and I worked hard on keeping a tight lid and keeping him going around in circles. I have to say we were the most sucessful this time!

GOOD FOOD! I think this was plate number three for Robbie. The food was so good... his brother David whipped up some homemade Teriyaki beef BBQ with homemade potato salad and coleslaw. Oh it was good! I think I had a few plates myself!!!

Twenty Eight! Whaoooo movin on up!

Not only did we have good food, we had the best company to make the celebration complete!


We had a night of laughter watching London pull at her toes. She couldn't figure out why she had bunnies on her feet. Not only that but, she couldn't seem to get them off. She is silly!

We love the season change from Summer into Fall. You can feel it in the air! London and I were busy last week decorating with the beautiful autumn colors. We don't see a whole lot of changes here in Vegas... so we made our own changes inside, with colors of orange, browns & greens. Smells of pumpkin and harvest spice. It was fun! London loved playing in the leaves.hahaha

Can you see my tooth? On the left side you can see her first tooth. Last Wed. her 2nd tooth broke through! It is tooo cute!
Yucky! I don't think these taste too good!

Mom, what do you want me to do with these?

Saturday, September 02, 2006


London........... is everywhere these days. We are baby proofing the house from plug covers to putting things to higher ground. She was caught in the act today. We are trying to teach her that she mustn't touch!
She's doing pretty good... most days that is.LOL

London LOVES books! I find her sitting in the middle of the hallway with a book quite often. She always takes a book and sits in the same place. I sit and watch her and everytime she... sits in the middle of the hallway holding the book and then turns herself in a complete circle with her feet a couple of times. Stops and flips the pages of the book. I thought it to be pretty clever!

Getting ready for swimming or.... getting ready to plant a kiss?

London was helping me by holding the bottle of sunblock, while we lathered her up to go swimming.
As you can see in the first picture Jordan (one of London's boy buddies) touched her and whammm. She turns around and plants one on him. London gave him a great big Kiss. It was tooo cute. LOL

The Homecoming Pictures!!!!
we finally got some pictures of the Homecoming of Elder Lueck, aka.. Todd Lueck.
He looks so handsome and what is that glow??? I need my sunglasses. LOL! Really, Robbie said it was great to see Todd home. He said you could really feel the spirit being around him. That is the greatest thing to witness from a return missionary. You KNOW they served with all their might, mind and strength! Your a great example Todd! L to R: Mark, Nancy, Todd, Ricky and Ashley Here's the Family Welcoming home their Missionary at the Airport!

Todd with his Stake President after his release as a full time missionary. Don't forget; "every member a missionary"! It takes alot to be released. I remember it being harder to come home then it was to leave.

Todd hamming it up! Cheese... on his way to the farm; Home sweet Home!