Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween 5K Run

My two cheerleaders Dad and Lond's ----->

London and I after the race.

Here I am receieving my award--->

This morning I ran the Las Vegas Halloween 5k. We started the race at 7am. Robbie and London were there to cheer me on!
It has been several years since I have ran any kind of race. I came in 34 out of 116 racers and won 1st place in my age division (25-29yrs) I was the 5th women runner to finish! Ahhh It was a great feeling to finish! I forgot the rush you get when you are competing. I did it just to find other ways to get involved in the community and to have a change in my workout routine.

Friday, October 27, 2006


This is London's first Halloween! We found her costume a few months ago at the Children's Place and fell in love with it. It just seemed to suit her personality. It has taken me everything not to show you her in the costume until Halloween. We have had a couple of practice dress up days and she hated the head piece. We talked about the day we would really need her to wear the head piece to take pictures. When we went to take her pictures London didn't make a fuss with anything, she kept the head piece on and didn't try ripping it off. As you can see we got several poses while having a blast!

This is our favorite!
London's signiture tounge pose. She always has that tounge going! lol
Yeah! Our little girl is standing! Gotta love the tights

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Go...Go... Gadget Legs!!!!

Here is London taking her first steps! She has been taking steps off and on for the past month, but on Sunday night she really figured it out! London is walking like a champ! See for yourself. LOL We will get current videos posted soon. She has progressed so much more this week, she makes this video seem old! She's our little crusier!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

London's first trip to the Las Vegas, ZOO

This is an Ape of some reigion.

We took a trip to the Las Vegas Zoo yesterday with the Nile boys.(below R to L Jaxon, Jordan and Erica) It was quite an interesting experience! As we approched the Zoo, we almost past it. The entrance was run down and not what we had expected to see for the Las Vegas Zoo. I would have posted a picture of the entrance, but my camera batteries died half way through the trip.:( The Zoo is alittle run down, but actually has quite a range of animals. As you can see they had swarms of piggens eating the bird feed we bought. Behind the Niles we have the goats. You can actually walk into the gated area to touch, feed and get head butted by the goats. Our experience with the goats is quite funny... We were feeding the goats and Mr. Billy the head buttr, head butt me right in the leg. It took me by surprise and hurt, then he/or she butts Erica. He was getting mean! We were both holding a baby and thought it was out of our best interest to get the heck out of there. As we were leaving the gated area we had to make our way through three gates. Mr. Billy goat #2 followed right behind us opening the gates. It was crazy holding babies, getting a toddler out and making sure the goats didn't get out. We were able to get out without anymore harm, but worried that the goats would get out. The last gate shut tight behind us. All was fine and we carried on through the Zoo.

London and her buddy Jaxon sitting infront of the big Tortise. We thought it was cute how Jaxon put his arm around London for the picture. I have no idea what they are both looking at, it was hard to get them both interested in the camera. They were interested at looking at eveything else. Lond's and I by the tortise.

The tortise was my favorite! I loved watching it move on it's stubby legs. For some crazy reason it reminded me of London crawling around.LOL Those tortise's are pretty quick! The fluffy chicken

Another great story to share......

It was towards the end of our adventure through the Zoo and Lond's was getting hungry so I pulled the snacks out. Gotta love snacks! (wink, wink) Anyhow, London was eating her graham sticks and hanging out watching the chickens and such. All of a sudden I see her reaching down to this fluffy chicken and snap... the chicken grabbed London's cracker and takes off. It was alittle startling, I was just glad the chicken didn't pick at London. The chicken kept following so we really had to watch our backs.

Overall we really enjoyed the time at the Zoo. The weather was perfect and us mom's needed a break from the everyday routine. The Zoo needs some serious upkeep and a bit of TLC. We will most likley return again just for kicks. We decide that all the amazing animal exhibits are at the Casinos on the main strip. We'll have to make a trip to those next! Gotta love a good adventure.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

London in her pony's again! I love putting pony's in London's hair. She is looking like a big girl more and more everyday. :(
I am not ready for her to be a toddler, I want her to stay my little baby just abit longer. She will be 1yrs. old next month. Ahhhh! Where does the time go? Raarr...She's in for the attack. Robbie gets the beaver puppet out and attacks London, she loves it and gets so excited. They have alot of fun playing together, I love watching them!

Monday, October 09, 2006

London's First Ball
Londy's first soccer ball! She loves to hold your hands and kick it around. Dad was excited to go with London to the Nike store and pick out her first ball. You go girl!

Rolling the ball around with Dad!

London loves playing in, on top, & under boxes. This past weekend she has been in a box everyday.
This is Sunday! London and I read from "my first Book of Mormon stories", she really likes the story of Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty. So we played dressup! Do I look strong and mighty in my battle armor to fight with Captin Moroni? Yeah for freedom! This is London on Saturday! London in a box, we didn't even have to wind her up. She would go down in the box and then stand straight up, over and over again. She had us laughing!

London on Friday! I came in from the other room and snapped this shot! We had the Arrowhead box sitting by the door to take out to the trash and she found it. She played for a good hour, pushing it around, climbing in and out, pickng it up and spinning around and around in a circle. London kept herself busy that afternoon!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ralph the hairnight dresser came last night! London woke up this morning and after eating decided to hang out in her rocking chair. It wasn't until after I took the pictures I noticed her crazy hair. I have mutual on Wed. nights with the YW, so Dad gives her a bath and gets her to bed before I get home. Dad forgot to brush her hair, so Ralph the hairnight dresser came and took care of her doo. So much fun! I love the PJ combination,(wink, wink) Thanks Dad for all you do... your our ROCK Star!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Conference weekend in Utah.........
We took a quick trip to Utah this last weekend to attend conference and visit Uncle Lance. Grandma McNicol flew into Vegas and the three of us made our cross country trip to Utah.Dad had a final in a class so he had to stay behind. :(
We arrived in Utah last friday or should I say early staturday morning, crashed at Ty and Tiff's got up visited family and sunday attended conference.( London and I were not able to attend conference, children eight or older are welcomed) I am glad that Grandma,Uncle Lance, his girlfriend Melissa and her sister were able to attend, I have attended many times and have enjoyed it! We were headed back on the road to Las Vegas after sunday afternoon conference session. It was quick, but a great time. It was worth seeing the blanket of autumn colors of bright reds, yellows, oranges, greens and browns over the mountain sides. It was perfect fall weather, cold in the mornings and evenings and during the day the sun kept you warm.

London finally got to meet Spot!(Spot is Ty and Tiff's horse) London giggled, touched and pooked at Spot. She loves animals. London can make the noise of a cow and a ducky. Whenever she sees an animal she moo's. It is too precious. I love watching her get soo excited when she sees an animal.

We stayed with Ty & Tiff our first night. It's always great to see them, Thanks for the yummy pancakes Tiff!

My buddy Uncle Lance! I wasn't to sure about him at first, but then I realized who he was and he was my favorite bud.

We stopped by Grandma Myrle's for a visit.(L to R: Marsha, Grandma Myrle, Grandma McNicol, Lance , London and Melissa)

Mom loves to longboard, but wouldn't dare to ride in downtown Las Vegas. She thought she would take me for a little ride on Uncle Lance's board. I don't know how she can balance on that thing. I can barely balance on my own two feet. I got to see Aunt Ashley!Yeah! Aunt Ashley came and meet us for dinner at the Red Iguana. Aren't we cute?

Saying goodbyes to Uncle Lance. I thought this was a funny picture of the three. London is pointing at who knows what? Uncle Lance is sticking his tounge out at London and then you have Grandma cheesing it up all by herself. Too silly! We had a great time!