Thursday, October 19, 2006

London's first trip to the Las Vegas, ZOO

This is an Ape of some reigion.

We took a trip to the Las Vegas Zoo yesterday with the Nile boys.(below R to L Jaxon, Jordan and Erica) It was quite an interesting experience! As we approched the Zoo, we almost past it. The entrance was run down and not what we had expected to see for the Las Vegas Zoo. I would have posted a picture of the entrance, but my camera batteries died half way through the trip.:( The Zoo is alittle run down, but actually has quite a range of animals. As you can see they had swarms of piggens eating the bird feed we bought. Behind the Niles we have the goats. You can actually walk into the gated area to touch, feed and get head butted by the goats. Our experience with the goats is quite funny... We were feeding the goats and Mr. Billy the head buttr, head butt me right in the leg. It took me by surprise and hurt, then he/or she butts Erica. He was getting mean! We were both holding a baby and thought it was out of our best interest to get the heck out of there. As we were leaving the gated area we had to make our way through three gates. Mr. Billy goat #2 followed right behind us opening the gates. It was crazy holding babies, getting a toddler out and making sure the goats didn't get out. We were able to get out without anymore harm, but worried that the goats would get out. The last gate shut tight behind us. All was fine and we carried on through the Zoo.

London and her buddy Jaxon sitting infront of the big Tortise. We thought it was cute how Jaxon put his arm around London for the picture. I have no idea what they are both looking at, it was hard to get them both interested in the camera. They were interested at looking at eveything else. Lond's and I by the tortise.

The tortise was my favorite! I loved watching it move on it's stubby legs. For some crazy reason it reminded me of London crawling around.LOL Those tortise's are pretty quick! The fluffy chicken

Another great story to share......

It was towards the end of our adventure through the Zoo and Lond's was getting hungry so I pulled the snacks out. Gotta love snacks! (wink, wink) Anyhow, London was eating her graham sticks and hanging out watching the chickens and such. All of a sudden I see her reaching down to this fluffy chicken and snap... the chicken grabbed London's cracker and takes off. It was alittle startling, I was just glad the chicken didn't pick at London. The chicken kept following so we really had to watch our backs.

Overall we really enjoyed the time at the Zoo. The weather was perfect and us mom's needed a break from the everyday routine. The Zoo needs some serious upkeep and a bit of TLC. We will most likley return again just for kicks. We decide that all the amazing animal exhibits are at the Casinos on the main strip. We'll have to make a trip to those next! Gotta love a good adventure.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun pictures! You guys look absolutely adorable!!! Monkeys have always freaked me out with their "things" showing everywhere but I've loved seeing the other animals. I can't wait to take Brooklyn to the Dallas Zoo. It's quite the adventure.