Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a Smile
It's a smile! I know, I have heard that babies don't smile at such a young age, and that it's just gas.... they are WRONG! This little guy is always smiling and making the best faces! London gets a kick out of him, my mom told her the other day that angels are playing with him and talking with him. You could see her little mind working and processing what grandma said as she watched him smile and make sweet noises. He is such a sweetheart, you can really feel his little spirit fill our home!


He is here!!! Yeah! Friday April 25, 2008 at 6:16am he arrived a whopping 8lbs 4oz , 21 inches. The delivery was quick, however the preparation for the c-section was 2 hours long and my recovery is still in progress. Everything went well, we have a healthy baby boy, a happy big sister and a proud daddy.... and I am doing great!

We brought Kingston home Sunday morning. I am not one to hang out in the hospital, I get restless. However, this time I had such a great experience and my over all stay was great I could not have asked for a better Dr, nurses or facility. I just could not wait to take our little guy home!!!

I told Rob that things feel so complete at this time of our lives. I love my little family, Kingston has made his place in our home and our hearts at the perfect time! We are so grateful that we have Grandma McNicol here with us to help out... I love my mom and am so grateful for her love and support as our family breaks into a great new adventure of life. It is so exciting that our family is growing!

Here are a few pictures of our sweet Kingston... London calls him prince Kingston.

Look at those big feet.. his toes are long little things!

Our Family!!!!

Prepping for the big arrival 4am.....

What is that basketball under my robe?! UHH! He will be here sooon! (sigh of relief)

Kingston in his Glory

Big sister, Dad and Kingston

Grandma McNicol giving little Kings some Grandma Love...

Our Surprise Visitor!!! Emily Eagar, a special and dear friend was in town and called us up to see if we could get together ( not knowing we had just had the baby).... She came the next day gifting beautiful yellow Tulips (my favorite) and bringing her sunshine! Love you Em!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

YES! & NO! Yes I m still pregnant and.... still NO baby boy in my arms! This has been the longest week of my life! I have been dilated to a one for the last week with no progress. My cervix is still thick and still no progress. Ughhhh! I cannot help but feel frustration flow through my body as this week has gone by. I have walked and walked, tried other natural suggested options and nothing. I have felt contractions throughout last weekend and some this week and thought, hmm this is it! Unfortunately not! I have a wonderful Doctor who is very optimistic and has cheered me on the whole way and supported me in my decision to try this delivery VBAC. Tuesday I meet with my Dr. and still no change! Unfortunately after discussing options and circumstances it looks as if this delivery will be another c-section.
I was crushed and disappointed, but my doctor would still say, you have a few more days lets see if you'll go into labor. I of course was very emotional.. poor guy and felt as if my stubborn body was winning. I had felt so liberated that I was making a choice for me and my body to have this baby differently than things happened with London.
I have to tell you the sweetness of my little princess. As I was all emotional at the Dr's office, trying to hold back tears I had my face covered with my hands and all of a sudden I felt a hand touch my leg ( mind you I am sitting on the table just after being checked with the lovely paper blanket draped over my nude body) I looked down to see who was holding my leg and little miss London was looking up at me with her beautiful big blue eyes with the most concerned look I have ever seen her have and said "mom, it's okay", everything is going to be okay." I am so grateful for my little person who touches me with the purest love and makes me feel complete when I am broken at times. When we got into the car.. me still crying, London again assures me that everything is going to be alright and asks me to give her my hand, " I will make you better!" I love her! I am so grateful for her in our little family, she is soo cool!
Well, I went home depressed and an emotional wreck. I felt alone as if this situation was out of my control. I knelt down and addressed my heartache to heavenly father. With instant comfort and assurance that everything would be alright, I knew I was not alone. The next morning with fervent prayer I wanted to know if it was possible to have this baby the way I wanted to have him! In humility and love, I knew that my desires as pure and simple, where not the ideal. Since that morning prayer I have felt confident that making the decision to go forward with another c-section is necessary.
My Dr. and I discussed that possibly my pelvis is to narrow and the baby cannot drop far down enough to thin the cervix as needed. For whatever reason, things are not working as we hoped and he cannot let me go over 41 weeks, it is just not healthy for the baby, the placenta and for myself as I have the scar tissue from the previous cesarean. Things with London never happened, she never even dropped nor did I even dilate, they induced me after she was 4 days over her due date and was measuring smaller than previous weeks.. so they induced and things didn't go as planned.
I don't know the reasons, but I know I have tried all that I could, my Dr. has been patient and we discussed all that we could do with my previous situation and with our situation now. If any of you reading this and wondering if he could just induce me, the answer is no! Too many risks! If I was dilating and I was a three he could insert a monitor on the baby's head and regulate the baby and uterus and start me on a light patosine, making sure there was not a rupture in the uterus and the baby was fine. That isn't even an option as I am having no progress and even stripping the membranes was impossible this last Tuesday.
So, all in all I have not gone into labor, not even feeling any more contractions.. nothing! We have set a time to take this little guy tomorrow morning at 6am. My mom is flying out tonight so she can be here with Londs and see little Jr. I am nervous but so excited to have a healthy baby boy in my arms!
For those of you that have called to check in, Thank you!! It means a lot to know I have loyal friends who love me. Sorry I have been a bum and have not answered the calls. I just haven't felt like talking about things and then explaining it over and over again. I love you all and thanks for all your prayers and thoughts! I will keep you posted on everything, especially on the arrival of baby boy Lueck!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

39 Week Maternity Pictures

I never thought about taking maternity pictures with London, now I wish I would have. When you register with Baby R Us for the baby, they give you a free 8x10 maternity picture. So, I found the offer the other day while cleaning through everything.. (that nesting thing) and decided to take pictures with Londs and the belly.

Today we did it! It was fun! We always go to Kiddie Kandids for our pictures, if it be for London or even for our family photos. They are so good with the kids, they have so many options and don't have a sitting fee, we love it! These turned out okay! I love London in the pictures, she is so sweet and sincere! The more I got to thinking about maternity pictures, the thought came to me that most people take them earlier on. This little guy is going to be here anyday (crossing my fingers) and here I am taking pictures. HAAA! I had to laugh at myself!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Here are a few projects we have been working on. We finally finished my childhood bed for little miss London. I grew up in this bed from the age two through high school, now we are passing it onto my little princess. It has been fun working on it, well..... really Robbie has done the majority of the work... sanding, priming and fixing the side rails on the drawers. Lots of work!!! We still need to have it painted, but it will be painted white just as it looks.
I have kept myself busy with a few of my own projects as you see below. I have made birp clothes, decorated Londs letters, bow making and making gifts for friends having little princesses. It has been fun! I am just getting ready for this baby boy to get here! Rock ON!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Two post in one
My little Ant Hunter...

London loves to be outside. What little toddler would oppose the outdoors, not this one! Everywhere we go she is picking up little leaves, sticks, rocks and gifting them to me. The other day we were at the store and she asked if I would get her this bug magnifying catcher. I asked her "what are you going to do with this?" Thinking she had no clue to what it was for, she replied "to catch ants mom!" Alright, I was taken back as I thought she wanted the big blue magnifer for her blue collection. That is another post!

To my surprise she knew what it was and what she was going to do with it. Soo, as soon as we woke up from our nap we set out to find ants! To our disapointment we found the ground to be antless. I didn't even think that it would be too cold still. Robbie gently reminded me of that small detail. We even left a popcicle out to grab their attention, but still the next day no ants. London is now just waiting for the day we can go ant hunting!

Here we have my little bug sitting quite at a babyshower. I love this girl! We have so much fun together!!!

Fourteen Days..... and Counting!!!

My friend Keli and I are due within just days from each other, so we thought it would be fun to get a belly shot. We are both expecting boys. This is Keli's first and we are so excited for her!

Soooo... fourteen days and counting! I went into my appointment today and so far nothing much is happening. My doctor said I have dropped a little, but a little is 2 cm.. not much! I am really hoping we can have this baby differently this time. London was C-section and I have a new doctor this time around who is willing to let me try a VBAC. I hope all goes successful!
Here are a few recent pictures of the belly. I have had several people ask if I am due any day... What?! Do I look that huge? When I tell them we still have weeks they act surprised and say are you sure your not having twins?! I love how people communicate with pregnant women!!!!