Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NEWBORN..... Baby Luke
This adorable little man is just shy of 2 weeks old.
I had so much fun shooting him!( My first newborn shoot)
This is for you momma Jolley

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Catch up...

Rob found a new/ not so new bike for Londs the other day and brought it home for her.

She Loves it, not only was it just her size and a princess little mermaid theme, it was a big girl bike with training wheels!

She needs a bit of practice...... She peddles great only she peddles backwards often too, which brakes.

Love the stripe outfit?

She , herself, miss London dresses herself these days, it is a fight just to get her ready for the day.

(I am starting to figure out how to go about it and we both win the dress battle!)

Then we have Mr. Kingston who is our little sweetie! (Both Londs & Kings are sweetness cakes)But the little guy pulls at the heart strings... mmm I could squeeze and eat him up all day!

He is always looking for something new!

He refuse's to munch on baby food and insists on eating real tasty food, so we started trying a few things. Mac & Cheese and bananas.

Just look at those silly teeth with several following behind!


He is Crawling & scaling.....more to come!


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random... shmandom!
Today I was clearing my camera when I came across a few forgotten photos.
Below we have our Mr. wiggle pants falling out of his crib... mmmm I could just eat him up!
I love this little guy!

This photo was taken by our buds the "Brandts", we had forgotten our camera(shame on us) heading up to the snow a week or so ago.
This was Kingstons first snow trip.
We also found out that his new little snow suit was a tad too small... Bummer! These little guys grow so fast!
London was off sledding with the kidds!

This was Christmas Day just breaking into the festives..... It was a great Christmas!
I also realized I didn't post anything about all our festives this season.
So sorry Grandmas & Grandpas! Life gets soo busy!

Soo... now that I cleared the camera... I will have more pictures to post!

I am too tired tonight to share today, tomorrow will be better!