Thursday, November 19, 2009

*Sneak Peak*

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mt.Charleston vs the Luecks

Family days are far and few for us right now,
our schedules are INSANE!
Yes, it is 1:40am and I have received my second wind
and thought I better post while I have a second!
Not that I need to explain... but,I will any way!
Robbie works 6 days a week and when a job comes available he is working his handyman Co.
This results in not seeing much of him,
but to feed his tummy and kiss the kiddos goodnight!
After the kids are in Bed,
I am off to the computer to enjoy my overload of school assignments! BLAH!
Along with EVERYTHING else that consumes ones day this = NO TIME!
I am in no way complaining, just stating that our Adventure
to Mt. Charleston was much needed,
so fun and one of the best days our family has had in months!
So, here are a few pics,
complementary from our little pocket camera!
woot, woot....

Pulling the kiddos around...
my cardio was challenged after
-3 weeks of exercise due to illness.
Funny how that works, needless to say it was refreshing and good for the lungs!
Daddy and the muffins!

Cheeky babes!


Grill master of the Dog!

Ahhh.... Two love birds

Leaving the cool mountain air, 35 min drive to the crazy world of LV!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween season is still allowed to

carry on, because it is FALL...

as London would so sweetly put it!

We are still listening/dancing

to the Monster Mash and Little Red Riding Hood

Soo.. this post does not seem over due, as in reality it is! BOO!

As obviously as it is, we have our BATMAN & our Good Witch!

It was fun putting their costumes together!

This little BatMAn is such a stud!

He is growing up so fast, sometimes I have to remind myself he is only 18 months.

His little personality is coming out more and more every day.

He is a cheeky little guy, always giving London a hard time.. he teases her, takes her things and runs away laughing. We have to keep our eyes on this one!

He is so sweet on the other hand and gets so excited about everything.

Halloween was heaven for him!
He loved trick or treating and would carry his bucket around, making sure nobody took it. I caught him eating the candy with the wrappers still around it.

This boy is so funny!

London has been celebrating Halloween since September! She has been a witch on several occasions, dressing up out in public and here at home. As a matter of fact she has had our family on a daily basis as a bat family, vampire family, witch family... you name it we have been that "family", acting our part in her make believe world. There is NEVER a dull moment with our lovey! She has been so excited for Halloween, I was bummed for her when she got sick the week of Halloween. She missed a few school functions, but rested up enough to go out for Halloween!

We love her so much! She has brought so much joy and happiness into our home.... I know the several photos are much, but I couldn't help share her little expressions. She takes her modeling for me VERY serious!

Can you tell they're Brother & Sister?!

We are just eating these little people up! We are having so much fun!

Happy Holiday Seasons!!