Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Trip to Nor Cal.....

London and I took trip back home to visit Grandma in Mendocino. Robbie wasn't able to join us due to school everyday.:( However, we were gratefully to spend our time with family & friends, laughing & playing! London has become obsessed with planes, she talks of our adventure non-stop!
We started our trip off in Sacramento, but not for long... we headed down to Livermore which is about an hour and a half drive,(near the bay area)where our good friends the Tenney's now reside. It was a blast catching up and watching London with allll the boys. She loved them, and loved that they drove her around in their jeep! They treated her like a princess! We can't forget the new addition to their family Mylie. She is a doll!
After a day and night with the boys we were off to see another new addition, Tavin Kidd ( Amy's little guy).I can hardly remember London that small. He's a cutie, with two dimples! Then off to Mendocino with the cousins to visit Grandma and Mitch.... Mendocino is a awesome little village set on the headland cliffs, off of hwy 1. The little village is filled with character, arts, history and you leave filled of natural goodness. Grandma kept us busy with beach visits, movies, storytelling, walks through the village and best yet, visiting the local toy store... it is amazing and I myself love going and playing with all the different things they have. Of course the visit with grandma and our cousins(Bella, Austin and Mya)is never long enough! We headed back to Sacramento to steal a few moments of laughter with busy bee Grandpa and Judy. It was nice to just relax at their home, swim and best of all playing with the puppies,the bunny and feeding the Turtle! That is all London talks about, a turtle! She tells dad over and over about a turtle. Haa so fun! Our trip was awesome! We love and miss all of you! Wish we had the time to catch up the rest of you!! Here is a video of our visit home.....

*Just a reminder to turn off music at the bottom of page by clicking on the upper left hand corner of the music box. Thanks for checking in on us, we hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


London has shown some interest in the potty for a while now, so we thought we should get a potty of her own.
She loves it! She talks about her potty and even wants to sit on it quite frequently.
I love the look she gives in both of these pictures. It looks as if she is thinking, "u-umm, can I have some privacy?" Lond's has quite the facial expressions these days, they make me laugh so hard!
She has not officially gone potty in her potty, but it's a start! I thought when she got closer to 2yrs. we would start this process. It seems as if Lond's beats the drum at her own beat. Hey, she is quite the independent girl! I have been surprised at every stage. She started walking early at 10 months, and all the unexpected words that have come out of her mouth, and now she is ready for potty training? Is this my baby?

Anyhow, we are excited for the potty training experience and hope it goes well. If any of you have some advice on this sort of thing, I am more then happy to take it. The only things I have read on potty trainning is, that you let them potty train at their own pace and help them have positive experiences. Do we start pull ups?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


She's growing up...TOO FAST

This is Lond's first night sleeping in the toddler bed. We thought it was time to change the crib into the big girl bed. It has since been three nights, and she has done awesome with the change! When we say her prayers at night, she loves kneeling next to her bed... she even has to kneel in the same place. I'm not sure if she likes saying her prayers this new way or if she is killing time with going to bed, because after I ask her to hop up into her bed, she folds her arms and says"pray". We sometimes say a couple of prayers before I have to say, "no more prayers, it's time for bed".
She is a silly girl, and growing up way so fast! This last week she has started saying a few complete sentences. Today when I got home from running she ran up and said, "I missed you!"several times, giving me bear hugs. It was sweet! It is amazing how much they take in, and give out!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Camryn's Baptism

We were excited to celebrate this special day with our sweet niece. Camryn is truly a girl full of love and happiness. She is always willing to help out, help with the little ones and always happy to serve others. Cam has a pure heart, you can see it in her happy glowing face and in the way she treats others. We are proud of her decision to be baptised, and know the blessings that come with such a decision.

Dad and Camryn dressed in white, ready for her baptism! Camryn said "she was nervous", but you wouldn't guess that with her big smile!

What a princess! Cam looks beautiful in her white dress!

<--Camryn with her beautiful family!
A picture with the star of the day!:)