Sunday, July 01, 2007

Camryn's Baptism

We were excited to celebrate this special day with our sweet niece. Camryn is truly a girl full of love and happiness. She is always willing to help out, help with the little ones and always happy to serve others. Cam has a pure heart, you can see it in her happy glowing face and in the way she treats others. We are proud of her decision to be baptised, and know the blessings that come with such a decision.

Dad and Camryn dressed in white, ready for her baptism! Camryn said "she was nervous", but you wouldn't guess that with her big smile!

What a princess! Cam looks beautiful in her white dress!

<--Camryn with her beautiful family!
A picture with the star of the day!:)


m&nlueckblog said...

hello Marsh
Happy 4th!
just finished looking at the blog thanks for all the pics
You and rob look great what a good looking couple. and of course London the apple of my eye:)
love you Nancy

Anonymous said...

you guys all look great!!! miss you tons. wish we could be there!! love ya