Saturday, June 30, 2007

Night out on the Town..

Girls night out is a must! Last night a few friends and I hit the town for some yummy grub and a a little r&r (relaxation and reminiscing)

R-L : Me, Nancy & Erica

Actually, the night was more for making a few last memories with Erica. Erica is moving next week with her adorable family to Denver, I'm going to miss her tons! She has become one of my best friends here in Vegas. Erica is an amazing individual, she is so caring and giving! She loves to serve others and is extremely in tuned with the needs of those around her. She has been my running buddy in extreme conditions...blazing heat, super (long )exhausting runs, or being an awesome trooper at the crack of dawn. We have made some great memories! She may not realize this, but she is a great cook! She has brought our family meals on different occasions, and they have always been so delish! Erica makes me laugh, and is always up for an adventure! Love you to pieces babe!

In the mist of our Casino hopping we caught up with Elvis, cruising in his pink car at the Bellagio. Unfortunately, he was too busy to take a quick snap shot with us. To bad for him.. three hott mamas?

The Bellagio has the best Gelato! Oh, and if you haven't experienced the water show, it is fabulous.. it was one of the things Erica wanted to see before she took off. They have a few different shows every 15 mins., and with it being the fourth of july just around the corner, they played a few patriotic theme songs! It was touching!

Here we are once again, this time we are at the Wynn Casino. There is so much to see and do, I really like having an array of diverse things to do minutes away! We don't get down on the strip much, but when we do there is so much to choose from. Vegas has some of the best shows around, and the are worth experiencing. Vegas is also known for it's endless choices on restaurants and yummy food. We grubbed at our new found Italian restaurant Maggianos! So good, and a great view of the strip! Thanks girls, the night out with you both was better than great, it was a remarkable night!

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Summer Adams said...

Way cute pics Marsh! How fun. I WANT ELVIS' PINK CAR, hee hee!!!