Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Long week....

Our family has had a very long week this past week! London has been really sick these past 3 weeks. We are still looking into the cause of the situation, but never the less she is still our happy girl and ever so more on the go! London started swimming lessons along with tot-nastics this last week. It has been a joy to see her learning new things and finding new interests. With the week filled with doctor visits, teaching classes and trying to keep up on my school work, it has been crazy busy!
We were able to find a morning to do my new found activity, mountain biking.!!! This time Robbie came with us! Yeah!(laughing) we had a blast! The course we rode was pretty technical and washy (lots of loose rocks) most of the way down the mountain. Yes the mountain! We car pooled up the mountain with our bikes to experience some down hill riding. It took us about 45 mins. to ride down the mountain. It was simply AWESOME! I have never experienced anything like it. The course was steep while winding through trees, over rocks and logs, and at times inching your way alongside a few cliffs. Robbie has a few souvenirs to show off his extreme ride.

So, since the week was packed with so much adventure, I thought I would post a video. Check out a few moments of our week! However, before you watch the video go to the bottom of the blog page where the music is playing and pause it!You will find the pause button on the upper left hand side. Then you can fully enjoy the video! Rock on!!!!

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