Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to meeee.....
Yes I am blogging my own birthday! Who else would?! Right?
Really, I am excited to finally have my golden birthday! I am 29 today! I only have another year to enjoy the rest of my twenties & then onto my flourishing thirties. Whats not to look forward to?

There is something about a woman once they reach their thirties, they seem more grounded in who they are and seem to blossom in outward beauty as well as inner beauty.

Robbie & I enjoyed an evening together, just the two of us at my request. Robbie arranged the babysitter, our reservations & a memorable birthday! We indulged at my favorite restaurant, Benihanas. Yummy hibachi cuisine. The atmosphere is amazing here at the Las Vegas location. It is huge with landscape of Japanese gardens, ponds, waterfalls & many other accents and props to help you experience a bit of the Japanese culture. It was a great time & a great birthday treat to just hang out with my buddy !

I thought it would be fun to tell a little bit about me... Just a few things you may or may not know about Marsha.......

1. I have to use 2 or 3 seat covers when using a public restroom, if they don't have any, I squat!

2. My worst habit is picking at zits/blackheads on my face. I think of it as a home facial. Come on, its not as bad as those scratch and sniffers out there.( you know who you are!)

3.I regret to mention these two things but, when I was 18 and soo grown up I got a tattoo of a hibiscus flower on my right 1st metatarsal. It's still there! I also thought getting my belly button pierced would be fun; so I choose to do that opposed to getting my tongue pierced while I was with a group of guy friends. I still have the holes to prove it! What was I thinking?!

4. I love extreme sports! My passions are still snowboarding and longboarding as it is on hold for full time riding until I teach my children and they are old enough to ride together.

5. My biggest traffic pet peeves are: Drivers on the freeway who slam their breaks on over and over again with plenty of room ahead of them... take your foot off the gas and coast with traffic. I also get irked when you have a blinker on to move to the next lane and the car next to you speeds up instead of letting you in and then you loose opportunity to move over because the cars behind him speed up too. No worries I don't get road rage! okay maybe once in awhile. lol

6.My testimony of the gospel has always been strong! Even when I have maybe not made the best choices at times in my life there has never been a doubt in my mind of the love my Heavenly Father has for me and of the great atonement of our loving Savior. My love for the gospel has grown tremendously as I served the people in New Zealand to the adventure of becoming a wife and mother. I know his plan and understand my divine place in it. I know the temple is a sacred place where it has been made possible that families can be together forever!More than anything I love my husband and adore our little girl and am excited for our life and eternal adventures. The book of Mormon is another testament of our Savior Jesus Christ and witness of our Heavenly fathers love for all of us! I love the Young Women I work with! It never ceases to amaze me the strength and understanding they have to live the gospel so valiantly today. I loved working with the youth from EFY to my home ward! It is rewarding!

7. I love to keep my cupboards and refrigerator full of food! In any circumstance i like to have the ingredient or food I need to make a meal or bake a goody at the last min. Or better yet if someone needs anything I would be the neighbor to call for the rescue. I don't like making several stops to the grocery store more than once a week. My shopping trips are intense and prepared by a long list that gets me through the whole week. One thing I don't love is making the meal plans. I don't mind the cooking, but thinking what to eat is not fun to me. I prefer baking over cooking any day!

8. I love running and working out! It is a rush for me! I feel strong and powerful after a good long run or taking an intense class. Of course it doesn't feel good as I'm sweating and struggling to finish a workout, but it is the after effect that keeps me desiring the next workout. I know I have accomplished a short term goal and did my best at it. It's personal and rewarding. It is the time I can meditate & relieve any stress!

9.Mmmm... I love chocolate! Not just any chocolate, the good chocolate! Homemade chocolates are the best. See's Candies curbs my sweet tooth. The retail chocolates are limited, Doves and Symphony bars. Cadbury has some mean chocolate, mainly New Zealand Cadbury yummy yum!

10. I can be sooo Indeceive when it comes to eating out! I could care less where I eat I will always find something I like no matter where we go! This is something Robbie & I butt heads on. He asks me where I want to go eat, I say "anywhere". He asks me to pick a place and I have the hardest time deciding. I would prefer to have the other person decide on a place and I go along with it!! I think of myself as just being laid back and easy going. I will enjoy myself no matter what!!

11. Two years ago I had foot surgery( by the best podiatrist) for a bunion. It sounds painful , but that was not the painful part! When I was on my mission I somehow got toenail fungus on my right foot. Most athletes get this, it is caused by athletes foot. I had 5 toenails removed & the beds of my nails cleaned in hopes that the fungus would not grow back. Oh my! That was painful!It was the most painful part of the whole thing! It takes several weeks for your nails to grow back.. lets just say they were very sensitive. Unfortunately the removal of the nails did not cure my problem. I will always have funky toenails on my right foot. A great souvenir from the mission!

12. One last bonus since we are talking about feet.. I love shoes! Any and every kind of shoe! I think they can make or break an outfit. Accessories with an outfit also tells a story; the rings, bracelets, earrings, shoes, nail polish, scarfs the list can go on! Dare to tell a story!!!!I love accessorizing!<---( not a word, but I often make my own words up anyway!)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our little fish...
I love this time of year! All the blossoms are blooming, the birds are singing and we have warmer days! It has been beautiful here in Las Vegas; so warm we thought we better get to the pool and get a head start on our swimming practice. London loves the water! She loves to splash around and kick! They start swimming lessons at 18 months, so we thought we would get her comfortable with the water as she will be eligible to attend in just a few months. London is so active I am running out of ideas to keep her little body and mind busy! It defiantly keeps mom going!
Love, love, love being a mom! London is such a cool girl!

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First swim of the year
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Friday, March 23, 2007

The Past Couple Weeks....

We have had several visitors come through town over the past couple of weeks. It gets so crazy busy and fun that blogging along with many other things go to the wayside. Here are the wonderful momemts with our loved ones.

Friday, March 16, 2007


March 6th we celebrated my Fathers 50th birthday! Robbie, Londs & I flew home to attend the surprise party celebrated on friday the 9th. It was a success, as for months it had been in the workings & with as many people who attended not one let the goose out of the bag!
We planned on going to a "crab feed" (aka surprise party) that evening with Dad. When we arived to the party and walked in; he saw a few friends and thought it was great they were too at the crab feed. It took awhile for it to register as he continued to see his friends at the "crab feed". He then realized it was not a crab feed and it was a party for him!
Dad was a little bummed that he didn't get crab that night but, had a great time with family and friends. He had about 150 people attend! It was a night full of dancing, eating and of course catching up with friends and family! His sisters flew out with some of his nieces & nephews! It was a blast. In honor of his Big 50 I made a video about his life....... here it is! ( forewarning 18min. long)