Friday, March 16, 2007


March 6th we celebrated my Fathers 50th birthday! Robbie, Londs & I flew home to attend the surprise party celebrated on friday the 9th. It was a success, as for months it had been in the workings & with as many people who attended not one let the goose out of the bag!
We planned on going to a "crab feed" (aka surprise party) that evening with Dad. When we arived to the party and walked in; he saw a few friends and thought it was great they were too at the crab feed. It took awhile for it to register as he continued to see his friends at the "crab feed". He then realized it was not a crab feed and it was a party for him!
Dad was a little bummed that he didn't get crab that night but, had a great time with family and friends. He had about 150 people attend! It was a night full of dancing, eating and of course catching up with friends and family! His sisters flew out with some of his nieces & nephews! It was a blast. In honor of his Big 50 I made a video about his life....... here it is! ( forewarning 18min. long)

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