Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Our little ballerina ........

Auntie Ashley sent this adorable little tutu for London. She loves it!!! The moment we put it on she ran around, danced for everyone and wore it for quite some time! Thanks Ash!!! =)

We have Grandma & Grandpa Lueck in town! They are visiting with us for a couple of weeks. We have had Grandmama Lueck ( Robbie's grandmother) in town for a couple of weeks already and have enjoyed every minute. We love having family around!

I know London is enjoying our company as well.... I think she gets a little confused when you ask her where grandma is, or you ask her who is grandma? She just looks at both grandmas. She might start thinking everyone's name is grandma! Too Fun!!!

Here is a view from the back, with a little London groovy move!

London insisted on wearing the tutu the next day when we went out side to take a walk. She is a crack up!!!!

Here we have Grandma Lueck with her hair night guard; (to keep Ralph the hair night dresser away!!!)She calls it her flippers! She is too cute, and might I add such a great poser!

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The Adams Family said...

LOL! Your grandma is just too dang cute :) Ok, and ask Ashley where she got that tutu. I WANT IT!!! One for Brooklyn too, ha ha :)