Wednesday, July 04, 2007

She's growing up...TOO FAST

This is Lond's first night sleeping in the toddler bed. We thought it was time to change the crib into the big girl bed. It has since been three nights, and she has done awesome with the change! When we say her prayers at night, she loves kneeling next to her bed... she even has to kneel in the same place. I'm not sure if she likes saying her prayers this new way or if she is killing time with going to bed, because after I ask her to hop up into her bed, she folds her arms and says"pray". We sometimes say a couple of prayers before I have to say, "no more prayers, it's time for bed".
She is a silly girl, and growing up way so fast! This last week she has started saying a few complete sentences. Today when I got home from running she ran up and said, "I missed you!"several times, giving me bear hugs. It was sweet! It is amazing how much they take in, and give out!

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