Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random... shmandom!
Today I was clearing my camera when I came across a few forgotten photos.
Below we have our Mr. wiggle pants falling out of his crib... mmmm I could just eat him up!
I love this little guy!

This photo was taken by our buds the "Brandts", we had forgotten our camera(shame on us) heading up to the snow a week or so ago.
This was Kingstons first snow trip.
We also found out that his new little snow suit was a tad too small... Bummer! These little guys grow so fast!
London was off sledding with the kidds!

This was Christmas Day just breaking into the festives..... It was a great Christmas!
I also realized I didn't post anything about all our festives this season.
So sorry Grandmas & Grandpas! Life gets soo busy!

Soo... now that I cleared the camera... I will have more pictures to post!

I am too tired tonight to share today, tomorrow will be better!