Friday, October 27, 2006


This is London's first Halloween! We found her costume a few months ago at the Children's Place and fell in love with it. It just seemed to suit her personality. It has taken me everything not to show you her in the costume until Halloween. We have had a couple of practice dress up days and she hated the head piece. We talked about the day we would really need her to wear the head piece to take pictures. When we went to take her pictures London didn't make a fuss with anything, she kept the head piece on and didn't try ripping it off. As you can see we got several poses while having a blast!

This is our favorite!
London's signiture tounge pose. She always has that tounge going! lol
Yeah! Our little girl is standing! Gotta love the tights

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Soooo cute! I wanted to get that one but my girlfriend got it for her little girl here. And then of course I found the pink poodle and that is soooo Brooklyn so I'm really excited. I'm getting her dressed up in 2 hours for our tri-ward Trunk or Treat so I'll post pics of that for you guys to see. London is DARLING!!! I love that tongue. Brooklyn does that too all the time.