Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Conference weekend in Utah.........
We took a quick trip to Utah this last weekend to attend conference and visit Uncle Lance. Grandma McNicol flew into Vegas and the three of us made our cross country trip to Utah.Dad had a final in a class so he had to stay behind. :(
We arrived in Utah last friday or should I say early staturday morning, crashed at Ty and Tiff's got up visited family and sunday attended conference.( London and I were not able to attend conference, children eight or older are welcomed) I am glad that Grandma,Uncle Lance, his girlfriend Melissa and her sister were able to attend, I have attended many times and have enjoyed it! We were headed back on the road to Las Vegas after sunday afternoon conference session. It was quick, but a great time. It was worth seeing the blanket of autumn colors of bright reds, yellows, oranges, greens and browns over the mountain sides. It was perfect fall weather, cold in the mornings and evenings and during the day the sun kept you warm.

London finally got to meet Spot!(Spot is Ty and Tiff's horse) London giggled, touched and pooked at Spot. She loves animals. London can make the noise of a cow and a ducky. Whenever she sees an animal she moo's. It is too precious. I love watching her get soo excited when she sees an animal.

We stayed with Ty & Tiff our first night. It's always great to see them, Thanks for the yummy pancakes Tiff!

My buddy Uncle Lance! I wasn't to sure about him at first, but then I realized who he was and he was my favorite bud.

We stopped by Grandma Myrle's for a visit.(L to R: Marsha, Grandma Myrle, Grandma McNicol, Lance , London and Melissa)

Mom loves to longboard, but wouldn't dare to ride in downtown Las Vegas. She thought she would take me for a little ride on Uncle Lance's board. I don't know how she can balance on that thing. I can barely balance on my own two feet. I got to see Aunt Ashley!Yeah! Aunt Ashley came and meet us for dinner at the Red Iguana. Aren't we cute?

Saying goodbyes to Uncle Lance. I thought this was a funny picture of the three. London is pointing at who knows what? Uncle Lance is sticking his tounge out at London and then you have Grandma cheesing it up all by herself. Too silly! We had a great time!

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The Adams Family said...

How fun you guys! I love the pic of London on the skateboard and petting the horsie :) So cute. Marsh, you look like a hottie as usual!