Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We love the season change from Summer into Fall. You can feel it in the air! London and I were busy last week decorating with the beautiful autumn colors. We don't see a whole lot of changes here in Vegas... so we made our own changes inside, with colors of orange, browns & greens. Smells of pumpkin and harvest spice. It was fun! London loved playing in the leaves.hahaha

Can you see my tooth? On the left side you can see her first tooth. Last Wed. her 2nd tooth broke through! It is tooo cute!
Yucky! I don't think these taste too good!

Mom, what do you want me to do with these?


The Adams Family said...

Soooo cute! When I feel better, i need to get my decor up too.

Grandma McNicol said...

Is it fall already? The air's always the same here - fresh and cool! Where'd that summer go? Wow, maybe I need to get into a new line of work...or not! I can't wait to see that cutie London. We'll go play with real leaves in Utah. Is it fall there too? See ya'all in a couple of weeks.