Thursday, February 07, 2008


We are breaking into week 30, whew! Ten more weeks of growing, sleepless nights and every blessed thing that comes with the beautiful world of a swollen body. This pregnancy has been great, I really have no complaints besides now! I am getting tired!

I have officially gained 24 pounds (feeling it) with pleanty of weeks ahead to pack more growing baby weight on! I just don't understand how women can keep up with more than one toddler and do it all?! It sure keeps time flying by fast. With that said, both Robbie and I realized we have hardly any pictures of me and this little guy growing. Sunday we did it, we took a few pictures. Don't ask me what I'm wearing, it is something I threw together that felt comfortable and fit! I have a hard time spending money on maternity clothes. You go through so many different stages of sizes and honestly I can't find maternity clothing that fits me right anyway! So why buy maternity clothes? I tend to find clothing on clearance that is a few sizes bigger than I would buy and try to pull it off. Anyhow enough about my clothing saga, on to this post!
Many have asked how the pregnancy is going and if I am getting bigger. I am doing great! I am still teaching my cycle classes and senior class at the gym. I can't give it up yet! I love teaching! Yes, I am getting bigger and still growing! All that matters to me is that this little guy is healthy!
We are still stuck on three names... Boston, Kingston and Phoenix. London seems to have one choosen. She refers to her little brother as did she decide that one? We are still yet in the decission making. Names are just so hard for me. Lets hope in the next couple of weeks we can decide, family members keep on us!


jennie said...

You are so cute! I haven't checked your blog in ages, I didn't even know you were pregnant! You make me not even want to post pictures of my large and in charge pregnant self. I'm 25 weeks, and MUCH bigger than you. You are darling.

Amy, Jared and Tavin said...

You don't even look like you've gained any weight. you look super cute! I can't believe your little guy will be here in 10weeks. It sounds so close, but will probably seem like years. Thanks for posting pic's, I've been wanting to see more. Miss ya and love ya!

Tenney Family said...

Hi Marsh my love... you look fabulous, as always! I miss you. Call me! I'm house bound for like the next week and half... all the kids have chicken pox!!! Aghhh!


Summer Adams said...

Oh my goodness, could you BE any cuter preggo?!!!!! I'm so jealous of how good you look :) I can't wait to see this little guy. LOOOOOOOOOVE the names you are deciding on. I think Kingston is my fave. I considered that for Beckham but it won over the others since Josh and I could agree on it. Love all 3 of your names though.

CChristianmomma said...

You are adorable! i hope to see you sooner than later. brielle keeps Bringing up London at random times. Keep up the pics of you. It seems so close yet so far. Hey, Your wallpaper is distracting a bit. Have you thought of having on the sidebars instead. Sweet paper though! Where did you find it?

CChristianmomma said...
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Ash & Aust said...

You look Great!!! WOW! I hope I look that good when I get to that point... I highly Doubt it.

And comfort is all that matter I say HA HA :)

Happy 30 week!