Thursday, February 07, 2008

Making memories....

We have had all grandparents come through to visit this year already! We first had Grandpa Lueck, then Grandmama Lueck & Grandma Lueck, and just a few weekends ago Grandpa McNicol and Grandma Judy. We have been so lucky to have them all make special visits... I just don't have pictures of all the visits! Sad, I know!!!
However, I happened to take pictures of this last weekend when Grandma McNicol was here visiting. Mom came into town to attend the Time out for Women that is hosted by Deseret Book. It is said to be a great weekend filled with wonderful speakers, uplifting music and just a time to get out with the ladies. Last min. it was canceled, out of respect of the passing of our dear beloved Prophet Gordon. B. Hinkley.
Mom still came out to spend time with us and I have to say, it was so great having grandma here! London had a little play pal and mom got a break! We had fun going to the movies, shopping,eating out and just spending time together! A good friend of mine got us into the musical "Menopause" at the Hilton, so fun and entertaining! Menopause of course is years away from experiencing for me and most of you, but it is something we cannot run from. It gave me great insight of what we as women have to look foreward to ahhhh..... not really! All and all, it was a fun, busy weekend that went by way too fast!

Grandma and London

Eating some yummy Chocolate Gelato!!!
The three of us!

Visiting the Dolphins/Tigers at the "Secret Garden" of the Mirage

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