Saturday, May 29, 2010


Kingston's birthday was perfect...
perfect in the sense that is was low key.
I keep telling myself
that I need to post pictures, and I do!(need to post pictures)
I am just in a rut, you know those ruts......., say a home contractor gets in...
he has a home to remodel, his own home
well, he finds that all his time and energy is put into remodeling homes for others, not his own!
This is the predictament I am in,
however..... I am not a contractor, but a photographer
Yes... and
that means I have piles of files of pictures,
waiting to be loved in the blogging world.
Sorry Grandparents, you of all would just love to see them....
Thats another story!
Which brings me back to Kingston and his Birthday -------->
We have a shy one on us..... I like to say bashful, just sounds better.
The whole time we sang to him, he got so embarrassed and looked away, his face blossomed with rose colored checks. (too cute)
Totally the opposite of Loo!
I just can't get enough of this little man...
Awe... he is just a sweetie!
So sweet to London, even though she rarely shares anything with him,
he always shares with her.
I will be holding him, and he will randomly give me kisses (multiple times)
His hugs are nice and tight, he looooves to dance,
play with swords and loves to dress up in his super capes/Batman mask.
He is a stud!


Megs said...

Happy 2 to your big guy!
P.S I changed me blog address... again. Due to an undesired troll looking at it. *sigh*. I may have to go private again. Here is the new address...

Janelle said...

That is so adorable! I think my mom has a picture of my doing the same thing (shying away) at my 2nd b-day. Not my kids, wow they love the attention! Hope you're doing well!

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