Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's in the air... Babies, Babies, Babies....

It has been a long awaited announcement as we wanted see how long we could wait until we could wait no more to say.. We are having baby #2! We are 14 weeks and growing.. Some of you may already know, but we wanted to tell our siblings before posting the news on the blog as they check it out often. We finally made our way around through phone calls and even a yucky text to spread the news. Now you all know!
We thought we would post it before we head off to Sac town tonight for Lance's wedding this weekend. Who knows who we will see and if people will stare at my little bump and feel uncomfortable to ask the question.. are you??? I am, and It has been so far a better pregnancy than I had with London. I am nausea, but not throwing up 24/7.. Blessings! I am still teaching my classes as before and plan on teaching to the end! I love exercise, I think it has leveled out my endorphins and has kept my energy levels somewhat up to keep up with Londs.
Our expectant date is April 20th, 2008! We are extremely excited as well as London! When we ask is she would like a baby brother or sister she says sista, then brother and then sista. She is a cheeky little one.. she likes to play games with us! We heard the heartbeat the other day when Kelly came over to cut our hair. She had a friend who as a gift rented her a Doppler machine.. whatever you call them to hear the heartbeat. Kelly and I are due within a day or so from each other. Sooo she brought it over for all of us to hear it together. It was fun to see Lond's get all giggly. I will try to post the video, however my hair is in foils and I am exposing my belly... maybe I'll think about it first!


Janelle said...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

You make the 8th pregnant person I know. Is there something in the water? Do Stephen & I need to get busy? Ha ha ha! I'm really happy for you and glad you are feeling better! I doubt we'll be able to meet up while you are here in NorCal - I go to pick up the Beckhams tonight. I will post some pics and tell you all about it. Take care & have a great time at the wedding. Arohanui!

BMW said...

Marsha! I'm so glad you found me, how are you? Congratulations on your new soon to be little scrapper! I didn't know you had a daughter, she is a cutie. Where are you and Robbie living? Tell him hello. I hope you guys are doing good. I'm great, single still but very great!

Summer Adams said...

SHUT UP!!!! I'm so mad that I'm behind in blogging and just now seeing this great great news!!!!!!!! *****YAY*****

Congrats to you all, I'm soooo stoked for you guys. Glad it's not as sick of a pregnancy. So, you're just a couple of months behind me, how fun. I love having babies together. Love your guts!!!

Kristin said...

It is in the air. I know so many people who have either just had a baby or who are pregnant right now. I am excited for you and know you will have another beautiful baby. Congratulations!

Summer said...

Hey, that is super news! I am so happy for you!
I actually just miscarried last week - I was 11 weeks.
I am glad to hear you are past that point already!
How are you feeling?

Robbie, Marsha & London Lueck. said...

I am doing fine! I am so sorry to hear about your news.. where you trying? I need to give you a call! I am feeling great for the most part, I've got my second wind and have energy to wake up and go to the gym early in the morning again... so that is nice! Thanks for asking and commenting!