Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wedding of Lance and Jessica McNicol

Lance & Jessica's wedding was beautiful, from the amazing view of the Ocean cliffs,the enchanting atmosphere and the couple joining a life together!It was such a great time to be with family & to be back in California. We are so excited to welcome another sister in law into the family.. the last one! It was my first time meeting Jessica and she has such a sweet personality! From what I was able to observe, she is the perfect catch and so perfect for my little brother. I respect her for not being a high maintenance girl that wants the riches of the world! She is very down to earth and lives life with simplicity and happiness.We are excited to get to know her more!!She is as much beautiful on the inside as the outside, good pick Lancer!
Londs kept saying look at the princess as we watched the ceremony, but then quickly fell asleep in Dads arms. It was a great time to be together! These are just a few pictures we were able to snap. I know the photographer caught the best ones, can't wait to see them! Enjoy!

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Summer Adams said...

Lance is married?!!! Holy cow. Congrats to him :)

Anonymous said...

Marsha - that was wonderful. You did a great job. I think Jessica has married into a very nice family!!