Saturday, October 27, 2007

London at the Sacramento Zoo....
Animals is all London signs about, sings about and talks about! I was so excited to take her to the Zoo I had visited as a child, plus it was a healthy clean Zoo. Las Vegas as I have mentioned in previous posts has a sick Zoo. Everything looks sick or malnourished. This is a huge bummer as I love going to the Zoo learning about the different animals myself and best of all, to watch Lond's get so excited! It was a fun day!

London loved the Flamingo's, she even left from the zoo store with a little Flamingo bubble necklace and Flamingo stuffed animal. She carries it everywhere, you wouldn't know it was a new toy it looked so dirty we have already washed it after two days of carrying it around.

The Kangaroos were having a lazy day.. most of the animals were sleeping or laying around that day. We must have the worst timing when it come to picking a time for the Zoo.
Little Miss Truck driver... she loves to pretend the whole driving thing, even in our own cars.

The Lion.... The Sacramento Zoo is not as huge as I remember it as a child, but it is big enough! It is a perfect child size Zoo. I wish I would have been able to snap a few pictures of the penguins but our camera has not been working well for us. It is a shame, they were so cute they reminded me of the movie"Happy Feet".

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Summer Adams said...

Cute pics! Great idea too, I'm gonna have to take Brooklyn there next time I go home. Forgot about that place.