Friday, August 11, 2006


I cannot believe 10 years have gone by already!
Our Reunion was held at the Gathering Place in Loomis, CA. It turned out nice, it would have been fun to have seen more classmates! Ahhh 10 more years and we'll be having our 20th. heeehe! See ya there!
Here I am with a few of my High School Buddies! It was a great time meeting up with everyone and catching up! Unfortantly Robbie was not able to make this trip with me=(
L to R: Joyce, Me and Kels


The Adams Family said...

You're awesome, Marsh. I just couldn't get myself to go to mine. Glad you had a good time. ~Summer

kelsi prince said...

Marsha!!!! It was so amazing to see you at the reunion! I am so glad that you made it! Your precious little one is adorable. I love your Blog too. What a great way to keep everyone up on what is going on with you all. I'm hoping to make it out to Vegas when flights look good. Standbye....I'm at the mercy of those that can actually afford to fly :-) Love ya girl. Let's talk soon! Blessings,