Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today is London's Birthday! We have already had a busy day. First we went to her 1 year well check up and shots. We also played dress up this afternoon trying on the new outfits Grandma Lueck and Grandma McNicol sent for her Birthday.
It has been an amazing year with London! She is so incredibly active and soo smart! She has been such a perfect addition to our family and has brought us so much joy! There is not one day that has gone by that we have not thanked our Heavenly Father for her little spirit in our home. We have enjoyed watching her learn and grow; right before our eyes. London helps both Robbie and I to live our lives more fully in the gospel and are grateful to be an eternal family!

I came out of the office from checking my e-mail and this is the funny Londs spiking her hair with the new product line.... food!

London's little legs from her shots! She did so good, cried a little but she is so tuff! She is still a little thing, she is 30 inches tall and 18 lbs 3 oz. She is 75% in height and 10% in weight. She eats all the time, throughout the whole day!!! We need to plump her up!

Londs playing dress up in her new Birthday outfit from Grandma Lueck. Too cute! We love hats! These are the best I could get. Londs won't sit still for pictures, she is too busy running around and playing!

It is a 6 piece mix and match outfit with two pairs of pants, shirt, jacket, socks and a hat!

Londs playing dress up in Grandma McNicol's Birthday outfit. Too cute in denim! Back veiw of the dress.

Thanks Grandma L & M! Love you! Londs

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The Adams Family said...

Darling outfits and pics. Happy Birthday London!!!