Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Out on the town with the girls! This is at the New York, New York Casino. Can you see the steam coming from the street hole?Hailey, Ashley, London and I went out out on the town while they were here in Las Vegas last week. Lond's and I wanted to show them the town, although there is no way you can see everything in a couple of days. Here are a few things we did get to see.
Hailey and Ashley are my dad's step daughters. They were out here with my Dad and Judy for a work convention. Hanging with the Polar Bear at the Coca Cola Factory.
Lond's chessing away!

Coca Cola has "The taste of the World" You can try several products they have from all over the world. Some were tasty and others were worth just taking a sip. I really like the Lift Apple from Mexico.
It was great fun! We also enjoyed touring the M&M factory! The highlight for me was the "Shark Reef". Mandalay Bay has a huge exhibit of fish, sharks and every kind of Ocean creature you could imagine. I loved learning about the different fish and sharks. You had a hand phone you would carry around and stop at each exhibit to listen to their informative spill. You walked through tunnels with shark swimming al around you. They even had a small pool with sting rays you could touch. Pretty cool!!! I tried putting the photo's on but I'm having some problems. I will try later. lol

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Anonymous said...

Looks fun! You're so cute to take them around. Boy they are lucky to have such a fun "local" like you ;-) But you're still a Cali girl at heart! Never forget!!! hee hee.