Monday, January 22, 2007

The Catch Up!
We are home and settled back in!
Finally.....(with a sigh) we have gone through all, and I mean all 316 of our photos from our trip. So here it is..... a glimpse of our Holiday Adventures. I do have to warn you it is a tad long....about 12 min.(wink,wink) so make yourself comfortable, sit back and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

At last....yeah! Marsha I so look forward to viewing the blog, I appreciate all the time and work it takes you, to put this together for all of us that love you.
It was not to long for me the longer the better.:) It was GREAT!
We will see you both soon and that sweet little grandaughter
love you,

The Adams Family said...

Marsh, just watched it the whole way through finally and it was AWESOME!!! You guys rock! Did such a good job. I loved all the pics and it looked like you had a fabulous time. I'm so glad. Love your guts!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! i love cheching out your blog. you do such a great job!! i need to learn how to do it. i can't wait to come see everyone!! miss you and love you all tons!!!