Monday, April 02, 2007

All about London....

Every stage has been so much fun! It has been amazing to see this little girl grow from a small seed into a precious baby and now into a smart, enthusiastic, giggly, lovable busy bee toddler. Yes, I said toddler! She is 16 months and growing up way too fast! London is communicating fairly well, with a bit of sign and now words. It makes things so much easier! Although... we do have our moments when we are both trying to communicate something to each other and we both, just don't get it! It's hilarious, because we are both so frustrated! I start laughing and then Londs starts laughing even though she has no idea what she is laughing about! We try to keep things fun!
The best has been in the last couple of weeks she has been saying her name & pointing at herself! I thought she was saying 'nana" for banana so I would give her a banana. Then I realized she was saying her name,"london". I wondered why she didn't eat the banana, just a few bits. That was a lame one on my part!

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The Adams Family said...

Sooooooooo cute! I love when you share videos!