Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Carpet & More....

We have finally put new carpet in, replacing the fancy smanshie blue carpet we had in the back rooms to a beautiful tan color! We finally have a room for Londs! Her toys were starting to take over the front room & we spent alot of time in her room with storytime, napping, & playing! So we thought we would take the second bed out and give her space to play. She loves it! She seems to enjoy her drawing table more and plays by herself in the room. The only downfall is we don't have a bed to lay on while reading stories! I guess we need to look into getting a nursery chair!
We have had a fun filled weekend with again more visitors.. :)Tyson and Tiff Tuttle came into town! It was so great to see them and spend time with friends! They are some of our great friends we meet while living in Provo. They took a few pics, so when they send us a few well have to post our buds!
I really need to get a blogging camera, I have been jumping in the car and taking off without the camera..yikes!! This last month I have missed a great bit of blogging moments. I want to thank everyone for your wonderful comments you leave and e-mails about the blog. It inspires me to keep blogging. Thanks for loving our family and wanting to keep up on us... I do have to say I wish more of you would do a bit of blogging so we too could catch a glimpse of your wonderful family moments. Just a little bug in your thoughts, keep thinkng about it "a great thought will eventually turn into action".
Here are a few fun pictures of Londs & her room.

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London's New Room
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Summer Adams said...

Cuuuuuuuuuuute room!!!!

Jeanne and Lynn said...

Love love love your site. I feel like you all are just a minute away. what a blessing to watch her grow up like this. I can't wait to learn how to do this, so I can blog.Send me your email address, as I think I have it wrong in my address book. Hugs to you and Robbie and londs. Jeanne

Nelia said...

This is great info to know.