Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Road Trip/Londs & Mom

Well, as I had mentioned in my last post,I didn't get to spend the last couple of days with Grandma while she was visiting here in Vegas:( It was less then 12
hours from when Robbie & I made a decision to make this trip to leaving.It all came together quick & the window of opportunity was then to go and get the screw removed from my toe, in hopes that the bone had not grown around the screw. This all first started 2 years ago when I had my bunion surgery. Dr. Hoyal(my boss then & podiatrist)left the screw a little higher then normal, knowing he would be taking it out in just a few months. Well he didn't get a chance; everything happened so quick.... finding out we were expecting, moving to Las Vegas & more. It was starting to get a little irritating while teaching my classes, so I was anticipating this moment. So long story short... it's out!!! A few stitches and a bit tender, but all went well.

Robbie gets to take the stitches out on Sat. Yeah! I can't wait to go swimming!!

It was a great time to quickly meet up with friends and family, although more time with everyone would have been even better! We stayed with Ashley & Paul for a few nights in Farmington and the back to the happy valley to see Jena & her family in Lehi. She has an adorable little girl Shalie. London loved playing with her! We can't forget meeting up with Tera Nichols for a little catch up lunch! Londs must have been bored, she zonked out. We could talk for hours!!! It was so great to see her!
We had a too short, but very pleasant visit with Uncle Lancer & his girlfriend Melissa at Wingers. They have the best ice cream pie! Yummmmy yum!
We then caught up with David and Crystal who were visiting that weekend for a wedding in Lehi, & last but not least Paul & Kelli. We spent hours at Fudruckers eating some good grub and catching up. It is always a great time getting together with family. That is what the gospel is all about!
I wish I would have taken more pictures, but wrestling a 17 mo.old, enjoying a little adult conversation & everything in between, pictures come last! So enjoy a few of our moments!


pete&jenn said...

Marsha!!! We were so excited to hear from you on our blog! You have such a beautiful family and such a cute blog! We would love to hear from you. E-mail me @ I'm so happy you commented, it will be so fun to catch up!

Ashley Blanchard said...

It was great to see a recap of when you were here!!! I loved having you two over. I miss you guys!