Monday, June 18, 2007

HAppy Fathers DAy!!!

Words cannot describe the feelings that swell in my heart for the amazing fathers that are in our lives! Sorry this is a day late, but we have had some pretty busy days with London being sick!

Robbie is the most amazing husband and father, he is the cooolest! This is why I married him, I saw the many qualities, attributes and enduring love he had for his future children, he portrayed a love for our heavenly Father that reflected his desires as a father figure one day! He is always so respectful to his mother and talked so highly of her, you could tell that family was very important to him in all he said and did. With the load of being a successful student, a provider, fulfilling his calling in church, being an supportive husband to me, he loves the time he gets to spend with London. It is always the sweetest joy to see both London and Robbie together; while he is either reading her a book, wrestling her and making her giggle til she wets her diaper or just watching them nap together. He loves his little girl and you can see it in his face once he walks through the door from a long day, almost as if it's a breath of fresh air! London on the other hand... loves, loves her daddy! She talks about him all day long, points at his pictures and gets all giggly! She loves cuddling with him and oh!!! when he walks through that door, or hears the door being unlocked she goes running with her hands in the air saying "daddy, daddy"! I think she'll be a good ole daddy's girl! Thanks honey for all you do... you Rock our world!

Dad Lueck or "AKA" Cool M--->

Dad Lueck, is one of the most genuine, laid back easy flowing guy I know. Some may disagree as he has always been a hard working machine and his boys would have a few stories to differ on being laid back, but in his ripe young age he is still a hard worker, just a bit more mellow. However Mark is very talented in all he does, if it be farming, any handyman work, a creative craftsman, or builder; he has taught all his boys how to work hard and apply themselves to do their best! Mark cracks me up and doesn't even try, it is just all in his mannerisms and personality! I love how he lives his life in such a simple and humble way! He is a great example of a man of integrity, faith and nobility.
Robbie gave a talk yesterday at church on fatherhood, these are just a few things he said about his father.."My whole life my father has been a worthy priesthood holder, he has provided for our family and has taught me so many valuable skills I use daily" he continued to share a few memorable experiences he had with his father. Robbie loves you very much Mark, and as funny as this sounds, you two are so much alike in soo many wonderful ways! I love you and am so grateful for your loving example!

Daddio! Wowers, where do I begin? I have always been Daddy's girl and through the years he has become one of my best friends! He has always been a great example of hard work, giving, excepting of everyone and the best listener! My list can of course go on and on... but it is of these I want to touch on. He has always been a very motivated individual with amazing energy for success. He excepts everyone as an individual and is very open minded: my friends growing up loved being around him as he opened his arms to them. Dad always said growing up that, "he wanted to give us everything he didn't have as a child". He succeeded with that desire as we never went without temporal things nor the best of all Love. We all know of our fathers love as he shows us through his love, support and his bear hugs! Last but not least, he has always been a great listener and non judgmental! Whenever my heart had been broken, he would hold me and let me cry; when I was confussed about a discission or was needing a venting ear he has always just listened, then would ask me to think about the situation, he never pushed his oppinion! I love his enthusiasm for life, he has such a crazy spontanious side that keeps him young! He is a wonderful, husband, father and grandfather!! I hope to take on some of his amazing traits as I go through life! Love you dad! Your Sis

Happy Fathers day!!!


JedBoy said...

Marsha, I really liked your tribute to Robbie. He is a great guy. I love the pics of your daughter--she looks adorable. I can't believe I haven't seen you guys in years. You have to let me know if you ever come up to Utah.

Summer Adams said...

Such a sweet post Marsh! HFD to Robbie, Cool M and your dad!!!