Sunday, August 12, 2007


This past week, or better said our last couple of weeks have been super busy! Both Robbie and I have been finishing up summer school this week... yeppie yah! It is such a relief to have another semester behind you! Along with school we have kept busy with the daily grind with little tiny, teaching at the club and Robbie working on a bathroom remodel. We are excited to have a few weeks off to just spend time as a family! We are taking off to San Diego next week and then off to the beautiful Dakotas to visit Grandma & Grandpa Lueck on the farm:) We hope we'll get a chance to keep you posted on our adventures as we go, if not we'll catch you up before long!
Here are a few of my favorite moments of this week:

London riding under the blazing sun on her Radio Flyer, a classic vintage ride! I love the little bell and red/white handlebar streamers, too cool!
I love to see and hear my two favorite people laughing and playing together! Daddy reading a book about planes to Londs in the "office." Ever since we have returned from Nor Cal, London has talked non stop about planes. She can't wait to fly on another plane, she thinks they are the coolest!!!! She loves wearing her little backpack...just like daddy! I love to see them smile! Someone is sticker HAPPY! While we were at IN & OUT for lunch, the guy helping us handed London a stack of stickers... her favorite!!! She wanted to stick them on everything including herself! Come to find out, the stickers were very sticky and stuck to her little body like glue. She didn't like taking them off one bit!


Amy, Jared and Tavin said...

Have a fun, safe trip and let me know how it goes. It seems like forever since I talked to you. sounds like a fun vacation, so take lots of pic's. You do such a good job with your blog. We have gotten jared's family to blog now too. Thanks for inspiring me. Love ya guys, amy

Summer Adams said...

Wow! Her hair is so long! Have a fun vaca :)