Monday, September 24, 2007


Our trip to South Dakota was a few weeks ago, and yes I am finally posting it!! It was and is always so great to go home to South Dakota. Grandma and Granpa Lueck are so much fun!Every time we visit, I feel like I am leaving my own home. It is a beautiful place with such beautiful and amazing people!
Our main visit for the trip was for Robbie's 10 year high school reunion.... that is another post! It was so much fun to meet his high school buddies! It was very busy as we were all helping with the reunion and spending time with our favorite people....grandma & grandpa. London loved, loved everyday with grandma and grandpa, they kept her busy with running around outside, taking her on four wheeler rides and helping grandma in her garden! Did I mention her bath's? Oh my, she loved bathing in the big bathtub, didn't miss a day!!!!
This little slide show is just a small glimpse of how busy and fun our week ended. We always tend to take too many pictures so take a look and just know this was not it!

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Kristin said...

Oh how I miss it!

Amy, Jared and Tavin said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. It looks so beautiful on the farm. I'd love to have a garden like that someday and how great that your mother in law can teach you how to do all that "domestic" stuff.