Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Girl Birthday Bash!!!!!

It is amazing how fast time flys! Here we are again with another wonderful year ahead of us to celebrate London's Birth. She has turned TWO, and such a big girl! She has been such an amazing part of our lives...never a boring moment! It always humbles me to think that I am her mother , and I have her in my life. My love for her deepens everyday. She is my bestest buddy, we do everything together! I am grateful for the sacrifices both Robbie and I make so I can be home with her. She has become such an independent, intelligent, funny and sweet girl! She is always thoughtful of others and will be the best big sister when this little boy comes. I love you little LU!!! Happy Birthday!

I never thought this time of year would be as crazy and challenging to celebrate a Birthday, but it has at least this year. The week of London's Birthday, both Robbie and I had 10-12 page research papers due on her Birthday. This glitch in our plans didn't leave us much time to plan the birthday party we wanted for London. However, everything came together!

The morning of her Birthday we rushed out the door to pick up Yummy pink cookies to share with her Totnastic class and then off to Totnastics. Our next stop was Toys R Us to pick out her little kitchen with a detour to drop off the dreaded research papers. Ahhhh... we thought we were done for the day! The day carried on like a whirlwind and the next thing we knew it was five o'clock and no party preparation let alone really any plans for one in place... we couldn't let her birthday go by without some celebration. All London would talk about was a cake, balloons and hats!!! That is what she wanted for her Birthday and neither one of us were going to let her Birthday wish dwindle without any effort.

In one hour we called up some family friends, made a cake, ran and got balloons, party stuff and back in time for our party to begin. She loved it!! So here are the moments of her Birthday! Once again we have no pictures.... our camera is still in the shop! RATS!!!!

**So go to the bottom of the blog and push pause on the music(upper left hand side) so you can see & hear the celebration.


MeGaN said...

london is SO cute! happy 2 to you!

Janelle said...

Happy b-day Londs!

Marsh- are you really pregnant? You look as trim & fit as ever! Way to go :-)

Robbie, Marsha & London Lueck. said...

Thanks Ladies!Just for the record.. yes I am Prego and not feeling so trim and fit. Janelle, you are sweet to think so! Thanks for everything!!