Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I've been Tagged!!!!!

Since we don't have our camera to take snap shots of daily adventures (our camera is still getting repaired) I thought I might as well post something that has been sitting on my shoulders. My Bff Amy has tagged me twice now, so here goes! I have been recently tagged to state 6 facts or habits that few know about me. Hmmmm....

1. I clean as I go. When cooking or baking I have to use what I need and put it away to keep a clean area. I love to have everything in a organized manner in which I am not over whelmed with a mess. It sounds alittle OCD but it works well for me!

2. I have the biggest sweet tooth! Whenever I go grocery shopping I come home with some sort of candy. I have a bin in the pantry filled with candy on hand for me or visitors that have the same sweet indulgence syndrome.

3. Lip gloss is a must! I love lip gloss and have several different lip glosses laying around and tucked in my bag just in case I forget my favorite stick of gloss.

4. Baby bag fetish. I have one! I have gone through several bags that can be converted into a baby bag/ purse. I'm not into the traditional baby bags....I am always looking for that perfect over sized, stylish bag to carry treats and necessities for Londs and I. I cannot stand the thought of being somewhere without something. My bags become the Mary Poppin bag, I've got it all!

5. I love the outdoors! It is natures playground and I wish we had more time and places to spend our time outdoors.

6. I love reading stories to my two year old. We read all the time with London, I love getting new books from the library each week to read a new story and see her little mind turning and taking it all in. These little people are sponges!

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cassandra said...

You are so cute Marsha!