Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas through the eyes of a child...

London has enjoyed everything about this Holiday season! Her favorite movie is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, it is contantly playing over and over throughout the day. When London hears her favorite songs she comes from where ever she is playing and starts singing and dancing. You would think I would be going crazy with the movie playing and her new Rudolph doll singing his song over and over again, but I'm NOT! I am just happy to see her loving this time of year!
She loves our Christmas tree! Londs cracks us up, she gets right up to the tree and puts her whole body against it and giggles saying, "the tree is tickling me!". It has been a great adventure seeing Christmas through a child's mind and eyes. Everything is beautiful, the Ahhhs and Ohhhs, the Christmas songs come alive and the whole meaning of Christmas comes into perspective.
The best piece of decor is our nativity that sits on our table, displaying the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! This is the overall meaning of Christmas! We don't focus on Santa Claus a whole lot in our home, however London is aware who he is and was excited to take pictures with him! We even found an adorable letter holder at Deseret Book. Seeing that London loves to receive letters and pretends to write and mail off letters, we decided to draw a letter to Santa of the things she loves and is grateful for. Santa Claus was really impressed when she walked up and handed him her letter. I think he was more impressed with her age and lack of an upset episode.


Summer Adams said...

What a cute girl! I love all her new pics. She's getting prettier and prettier the older she gets. Same with Brooklyn I've noticed. They go from cute to gorgeous almost overnight.

How are you feeling??? Miss you!

Ash & Aust said...

HEY!! Nice to hear from you!!

Hope everything is going well, HA HA yeah, our pictures are kinda funny... hee hee,