Friday, May 30, 2008

Back in NORCAL!!

It is so good to be back home..... we are back in Nor Cal for a few weeks. Robbie is helping my Dad with several projects around his home (mainly a master bath remodel), but has been helping head on a 38 foot water slide/waterfall, a project my dad started a month ago but can't speak Spanish to his workers so things don't get done correctly or at all! Thank goodness for Robbie, his Spanish and handy man skills!!!

Camping Memorial Day weekend at Dillon's Beach

Some would say gutsy, others would say crazy, but yes we ventured out on the cold Memorial Day weekend with our newborn camping. Kingston and I stayed in the heated motor home pretty much the majority of the time besides a walk on the freezing beach and roasting a few marshmallows for yummy smores. It was great to see little miss lu lu adventure the outdoors and spend time with family.Our camera died the first day we were there, so this is all the photos I have from our camera. Thanks Dad for giving us the motor home and taking the tent and ground!Kingston's outing to the beach all cozy warm next to Dad.

Aunt Ashley, Hailey, Uncle Tyler and Londs


Grandma's and Grandpa's always have the best stuff to play with! Little miss lu lu and her one lady tea party. Loving every minute!!!!!

MMMMMM...... water taste so good when it comes from a princess tea set. She drank so much water, it seemed like she was running to the bathroom every half hour.


Rashelle said...

Hey Marsh it's Rashelle. I found your blog from Summer's. I can't believe how long it has been - two kids long! Wow! I would love to see you if you have time while you are in NorCal. Please email me, I would love to catch up Your family is beautiful!

christopher & brooke thompson said...

That pool slide is sweet! I want one! Wow... you're really making a trip. If you make it out Folsom way, there is a really fun water park called Livermore park. So worth a visit. It would be fun to get together, but I'm going to Utah on Sunday with the kiddies For Ryans little guys b-day. Enjoy the cooler weather! :)

m&nlueckblog said...

what wonderful pictures I dont know which one to comment on first. Iloved them all. I thought Robbie looked very handsome with his beautiful daughter:).
Thanks marsh for all the great Pics. I can see Londs is getting royally spoiled, I am jealous. I am so glad you get to spend a longer time with all you family. It always goes way to fast. love you see you in Aug.