Thursday, May 08, 2008

There really isn't anything more interesting than my little bugs to blog these days. I promise that I will have some great updates on life here in another week, until then you will be getting nothing but pictures of the two spotlights in my life. Last week Kingston took his newborn photos. Although they are cute, I was not happy with my sitting and ultimate outcome. I felt a bit rushed and didn't get exactly what I had envisioned. We will most likely go back when Dad can go with us and take some darling father son pics. We managed to get a third generation picture before my mom left, we were in need for an updated photo!! ENJOY!


MeGaN said...

very cute of all of you! looking forward to updates of your babes :)

Summer Adams said...

Ok Marsh, I'm just NOW catching up on blogs and OH MY GOSH....Kingston is adorable to the max!!!!!! He and Londs look like the best of friends. I'm gonna call you in a few minutes because I have a couple of Vegas trips planned for this summer and I wanna see you guys!

April said...

Congratulations Robbie and Marsha!

These are precious pictures of your family. Kingston is amazing! We are so excited for you guys that you have now finished school (at least temporarily) and have such a wonderful family.

We sure wish we lived closer so we could do more stuff with you guys!

April started a blog for our family recently so she is going to show me how to invite people to it now. I'll send you an invite.

Love you guys!
Elliot and April